Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring Break

Although I was able to make it through Field day with no stomach issues at all, I was sick on Saturday.... and Sunday, and Monday. We stayed home most of Saturday, but went to Mama's for lunch on Sunday. She had surgery on Monday and I thought that we should take some family pics for fun. There were a couple of serious ones, but the silly ones were my favorites.

Ah! I was sick on Micah's first real day of spring break... Monday. It ended up being a long day. I was thankful for nice weather though so that the boys could play outside. They were thankful that one of the little neighbor girls came over for a little while. 

Being that I had been sick for nearly a week, Tuesday we HAD to go grocery shopping. I thought it would be nice to take a couple of pictures of the boys in spring clothes for my frames that currently hold last summer's pics... I told them that if they would cooperate and smile for just a FEW pics that we'd go to the park. I got a couple that will have to do for now. School will be out soon......

We went to the park and had lunch at one of Patton's favorites, Johnny's Pizza. 

Tuesday afternoon is when the ice cream bus comes through our neighborhood. We have become friends with the driver and this time she asked Micah if he'd like to ride around the neighborhood with her. He was nervous at first, but then decided to go. He was SO excited. Patton did NOT want him to leave! MIcah had a blast and even got to sell a treat to Stacy :)
Break: I should have first said that week before spring break for MIcah's homework he was asked to write about and illustrate what he was going to do during spring break.

He made it up all on his own and came up with -play outside, go to the mall, take pictures of the pretty sky, and eat honeysuckles. On the first day he played outside... I helped him look for honeysuckles, our's haven't bloomed yet, it is too early :( He also woke up early and took a picture of the pretty sky that I have yet to load on the computer. Next on the list, the mall. On Wednesday we made a Hobby Lobby trip (Micah's call) and we went to Sugarloaf Mills. He wanted to go to the Lego store so bad. I don't normally buy him something every time we go to that store, I'd be broke. But I surprised him and let him choose something this time. He was SO happy!
As soon as we got home he began building. He had that truck finished in no time at all, but was occupied for most of Patton's nap :)
Thursday we headed to Bear Hollow with Laura, Amber, and Riley. We had a BLAST.
When we got there Micah wanted to push the stroller SO bad, so I let him. We stopped and let him read the welcome sign.... all by himself :)

We saw alligators, eagles, deer, bobcats, and all kinds of other animals, but we all agreed that the black bears were the best!

We probably watched them for at least 30 minutes. They were so fun!

We had snack time and Micah found some Honey suckles!! How exciting! Everything checked off his list!

This was a fun task.

What a Fun Fun day with Fun Fun people!

 Thankfully we had a great break, less than 20 days left of school!!

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