Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day #2

Today was a whole lot easier than yesterday as far as potty training goes. We were even in the car for an hour, going to pick up Stacy's truck and coming home. Patton stayed dry! He only had 2 accidents today, and it would be awfully mean of me to blame them on Stacy, but both were kind of his fault. The first was shortly before lunch time. I asked Stacy to take Patton to the bathroom. Patton told him "I already went." So Stacy didn't take him. Patton proceeded to go in the floor 2 minutes later.... :( I was sad.  Stacy felt bad too. Stacy thought that after such a LONG day at home yesterday that we might like a trip to Costco for lunch. Although that goes against everything with the 3 day method (we were supposed to stay home the whole 3 days) who turns down a Costco trip? Not me, we went. As soon as we got there, Patton and I headed for the bathroom. Even though I thought Patton would have to go, he pretty much refused. I thought, maybe he doesn't really have to go and we went to order our food. Right in the middle of lunch, he wet his pants :( Thankfully I did have back up. I do think that the second day with only 2 accidents is not bad at all, and both could have been avoided. He missed his nap today, so while Stacy took Micah to Taekwondo, Patton got to go to bed early. He is one sweet baby boy if I do say so myself. Here's to NO accidents tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My day

Although I always look forward to having a potty trained child, I DREAD every last second of the actual training. Thankfully my dear sweet cousin let me know (when Micah was 2) about "Potty training the 3 day method" Micah was trained in 2 days. I began Day One with Patton today. The trick with this method is, I stay near him ALL day long forcing liquids on him constantly. I set a timer and took him every 10-15 minutes to the bathroom. Sometimes he went, sometimes he didn't. His treat for going was 2 m&ms he could choose the colors :) For 3 days I will not leave my house, other than if I have to take or pick up Micah from school. I got lucky today and will again tomorrow, Stacy is off. Not good news being that we're having to dish out $1100 to fix his truck, but wonderful news for Patton's training. He actually did unbelievably well today. He was/ is not excited about potty training at all, but being that he HAS to be trained to start school next year, it's better now than never. He only had 3 accidents all day long which is wonderful, the first one was literally Right after I put his underwear on him :( Potty training is exhausting!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Orange Belt

Micah began Taekwondo a month before testing. They test for new belts once every two months, so neither the teacher nor I thought that Micah would be ready to test. I didn't get the patch sewn on his uniform, or purchase his sparring gear. I paid NO attention to the times, dates etc of anything test related. I was quite surprised last week when the teacher told me that Micah was ready to be tested. He was prepared, I was not. I took his uniform to the dry cleaners and was told that we could just borrow sparring gear. Micah was so excited and told everyone about it. This was Major to him. He was super proud. I was super nervous.... Much more so than him! 
Here he is in his last white belt pose. 

"As a Tiny Tiger, I will be a good helper pleasing Jesus everyday."

Sparring Micah. 

"Sir, my name is Micah, may I break my board?" (Look at his face!)

Having his orange belt presented. 

The testing group with the judges. 

Proud Mama and Daddy!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Mama and Aiden

We celebrated Mama and Aiden a couple of weeks ago. 

We had a great time visiting. Aiden got some pjs, some jewelry, nail polish and girly things, but was most excited about her Kindle Fire!

Mama got a thirty one tote, a grandchildren sign, a hammock, a journal, but was super excited about some special rocks :)

Everyone seemed to sit in Mama's lap and MIcah borrowed her camera (no telling what he may have taken pics of!)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

In the car

Micah talks ALL of the time. Seriously, unless the boy is sleeping, he is talking. I sure do enjoy the rare occasion when Micah sleeps during the day. He took a nap during his break, and I just had to take some pictures of my sweet sleeping boy. 

Micah cracks me up. I have been trying to keep track of silly things that he says. Just last week he had some interesting conversations in the car with Patton. The first one went a little like this... "Patton, there's Dominos. We don't eat Dominos because we don't know if the meat is really meat, it may be rat poop or roaches or something."
-Not sure where that came from!
"Patton, when you get big will your girlfriend drink your blood?" -What in the world?!
"Patton, you know we don't eat at McDonald's, but they have a Big playground. It is SO big, do you see how big that is? You know that means it has more boogers on it!" 

Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentines Day

I Love Valentines Day. I planned to have a perfect day. I spent way too much time on made Micah's cards and was quite pleased. He choose Angry birds for the girls,

Lego for the boys,

And a picture card for his favorite teachers. 

I even made him a sweet bucket to carry them to school in. 

I made some sweet cake carriers for his teacher and para-pro. They really liked them and the para-pro's thank you note said "It is the Best Valentine gift I have ever received." Wow! That was nice!

I planned to get up early so that we could have heart shaped biscuits at Chick-fil-A. Micah wasn't half as excited to celebrate the day of love as I was. He had an awful morning complete with whining, tears, frowns, and a whole lot of sadness. "This shirt doesn't fit." "I don't want to wear the red belt." "I don't want Chick-fil-A." A morning full of clues, that we were in for a not so fun day! 
All I wanted was a picture of my handsome 6 1/2 year old before school. That's not a lot to ask. Is it? He was NOT happy. 

I hoped that Micah's mood would change when we dropped him off at school.....
Patton and I headed to Chick-fil-A. We enjoyed our date and our biscuits, then we headed back to the school. 

The kindergartners got to have a "Queens and Quarterback social" during specials. It sounded like a whole lot of fun. All of the little people in the gym, music, dancing, my idea of fun. Micah still was "off." I wasn't the only one who noticed it. Most of his teacher friends mentioned it to me at some time or another. Most of the kids had a blast dancing to The Cha Cha slide, Call me Maybe, and Dynamite, Micah told Mrs. Greene, "I just don't want to dance." 

It was so strange to see him acting like that. I was sure he was getting sick. I got a couple pictures of him smiling, but way more of him sulking. Here's the class.  

Miss. Wages thought she could get him to dance. 

We love Ms. Duke!

These are 3 of Micah's favorites at the school. 
I asked Ms. Greene to keep my up to date on MIcah. I thought he might have to be checked out early. He just wasn't himself. I never heard back until later in the day. She said he was quiet, (which is VERY unusual) but seemed to be ok. 
After the dance, Patton and I came back home. we played outside for a little bit and he let me take some pictures of him in the last jon jon that he'll ever wear. We plan to begin potty training soon, and I don't put potty trained boys in jon jons :( I'm having a hard time watching my sweet sweet baby get so big. 
Patton was way more cooperative than Micah. I got a couple sweet ones!

When Stacy came home we swapped presents. I gave him a shirt, some heart little debbie cakes, an iTunes card, and I made him a shutterfly book. Nothing big at all. This is what he got me! AH! I am so excited!! He said "Imagine how nice Pinterest will look on there."

We had a family dinner at Amici and dessert at Heavenly Desserts. We ended up having a wonderful afternoon/ night. Micah seemed to be fine so hoping no trip to the Dr. Here is our sweet family. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

6 1/2?!

I can not believe that my first born just turned 6 1/2! Being that he has a summer birthday and we will not be inviting any of his classmates to his birthday. I thought we should celebrate his half birthday at school. I had planned to order a little cake from The Great American Cookie Company, but I got sick. I was sick last weekend. Patton had been sick and I think I got whatever he had. Both of us were pitiful for several days. Monday came, and I had told Micah I would bring in something. I was not 100%, but was Much better. I made a quick Publix run and picked up some cookies that turned out to be some of the best cookies I have ever had! (Maybe it was because I had been so sick, but maybe they really are delicious) Patton and I stopped by Micah's school just long enough to drop off the cookies, listen to the kids sing to Micah, and back home we came. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


After a whole lot of talking to people, researching it, and thinking about it, we decided to let Micah try Taekwondo. We took him to a place that came highly recommended from several friends. We let him try it out. He liked it and wanted to join. $60+ and we were in. The classes are $12 a piece and they would like for you to come once or  twice a week. We are choosing to go once. I have already realized that this is going to be one expensive sport. Between uniforms, classes, and testing we're looking at $800- $1000 a year. BUT we are hoping to see some major improvements in attention, obedience, and coordination. The school is run by a pastor and the students are required to learn Bible verses and Micah is doing Extremely well at that. Now to get good at the moves. We've been going for 3 weeks now and so far Micah is the only white belt (beginner) that we've come in contact with. Most of the kids have been taking classes for 1-2 years! Micah was SO excited to break his first board!

He sure is cute in his uniform!