Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Catch Air!!

I have been hearing about Catch Air for a while now, but I thought it was like Monkey Joe's. I own inflatables, so Monkey Joe's isn't one of my favorite places. I don't prefer to pay for my children to play on things that we own. Heather and Sarah planned a trip to Catch Air before Christmas, but Patton didn't sleep well the night before, so we decided not to go. It was a first time for both of them, and they both Loved it. I knew we would have to go to see what all of the hype was about. Sarah planned another trip last week. Although this time Heather couldn't come because Brayden had an accident at Macy's and knocked his tooth loose. I picked up Sarah and Noah and we headed to Suwannee. Sarah recently moved to Kennedy Farm and is living closer to me than she ever has! I am so super excited that we can be at each other's homes within 20 minutes! That's huge! 
We got to Catch Air and got to wait on them to open. We were the first ones there and the ONLY ones there for at least an hour. It was so nice. We used an internet code and got in for $4.24. We spent 3 hours there and everyone had a Great time. So much so, there's another playdate planned for another day soon!
They finally made it to the top!!

They LOVED the ball pit!

And the exercise room....
 But Sarah's favorite was the slide! She probably went down it 10 times!

 Patton gettin' down on the dance floor :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What an afternoon

The weather was not the best this afternoon. I received several calls from the school today updating me on afternoon plans. The last call I got, told me that due to the awful weather and the fact that buses are not made for driving in such conditions that they were keeping the bus riders at school until the weather got better. That was fine because MIcah is a car rider anyway. The man on the recording said that car riders would be released as usual. I totally understand that the lady who writes down the children's names didn't want to be out in the weather, but I thought people would drive through the line like normal, and 2-3 kids would be loaded under the shelter. I figured that it would take longer, but not over an hour! I showed up to the school the same time I do every day and sat, and sat, and sat some more. I began to see people getting out of their cars and going into the school, they came out with children. I began to think the only way that I would ever get MIcah was if I went inside and checked him out. The problem was I had Patton and Riley in the car and it was POURING down rain. I decided to stick it out in double lines of people trying to pick up their children. 
Finally. Finally the cars started to move, slowly but surely. I turned my key and nothing happened. I wondered if I had left it cranked the entire time. I turned the key the other way to turn the car off. It didn't turn off. I tried again to crank my car. NOTHING :( I had babies, it was storming, everyone had been waiting for what seemed like forever, and my car died right there in line :( I seriously almost started crying right then and there, but instead, I got out of my car and let the man behind me know that I wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. This sweet sweet man asked me what was wrong. I told him that I couldn't get my car to crank. He came to my car and told me it was the battery. He told me that he had a "jumper box" in his car. He quickly jumped my car off and we were good to go. What a blessing!! 
Now my car is cranked, and I am SOAKED, the cars sloooowwwwly pulled around to the front of the school. I pulled smack in the front of the school and ran inside. I saw the sweet music teacher, I told him that I had to leave my car running and that I had 2 babies inside. I was so afraid someone would hop in and take off. I offered him money to sit in my car until I had MIcah. He told me that He would go get MIcah and that I could go back to my car. Blessing times 2. Minus the way the parents couldn't figure out how to drive this afternoon through the line, I think the actual school did a great job. Now just hoping my car will crank tomorrow. Micah. Needs. School. What a day!

Girls' Birthday

We celebrated Belle and Terren's  birthdays several weeks ago. 
 There was a Rolo cake. It was Delicious!
 Daddy was so silly!
 Belle had an easy time blowing out her candle.....
 Terren's turn didn't go as smoothly.....
Sweet Gavin liked to play balloons with Stacy.

 Daphne and Cary liked the girls' hats just as much as they did!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Blog on the back burner :(.....

I know I have not been up to date on my blogging which means, most things are gone from my memory forever :( But I have an excuse. I have been busy. I have not been keeping Riley regularly, which has been sad, but has opened up my time to a little (a lot) more crafting. I have a slight addiction with making and creating new things, even if they don't turn out wonderful, I've been having a great time. My friend Misti has been coming over for a craft day once a week and I am truly enjoying that! She teaches me a lot! Here a a few of the things I've been working on. I have plans for some more cake plates this week :)
Chalkboard sign

 Gift for Riley's Mom
Gifts for a sweet friend who's expecting #3 within 2 1/2 years!

 A new picture wall at MY house :)
 I can make mailboxes cute!

 I learned thanks to Mama's grape vines and Ehow, how to make grapevine wreaths :)
 LOVE Chevron!

 Handmade gift for a sweet friend!
And for Daph's family's car!

Ahhhhh, the park

We Love the park on a nice day. Mulberry has to be one of my favorites and it also tends to be the middle meeting place for most of our friends. We have enjoyed the park several times during the past month. I knew that today was supposed to be really nice, so we planned a playdate. Everyone had a great time and we even finished our date at Johnny's Pizza, much to P's liking. How cute are these boys?! 

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Last week Paw-Paw turned 88!! We had a birthday party for him on Sunday. Daddy went to pick him up and apparently woke him up. He was not happy to have been woken up, and complained that his throat hurt. Daddy couldn't even talk him into coming to his own party :( We ate, played, and had cake anyway. We sang to all of the other family members there that were celebrating January birthdays.

I took pictures of 6 of the 8 siblings that came to their Dad's 88th Birthday party.

I asked Ms. Martha to take some pictures of me and Patton. He sure is a cuddly little thing!

I had to beg Micah to pose with me.

But Nut posed willingly.

After we enjoyed our company some of us decided to go visit Paw-Paw and celebrate with him. He took all of his presents to him and he was So happy to see us (especially Patton) He opened all kinds of fun things and was even more excited. Happy Happy Birthday Paw-Paw!

Funny Patton

Yesterday afternoon we went to Laura's basketball game. Micah really enjoys them and he was extra excited that half of his cousins came too. 

The game was a blowout. They lost really bad, but we had a nice visiting session. Micah's teacher's daughter  is a cheerleader, so Ms. Greene came for the boy's game and sat with us. Have I mentioned how much I really Love her?! Before the game began and during the first few minutes of the game Patton wandered from row to row (not many people come to watch the girls.) He was enjoying himself until..... The Wildcat came out! 

We had never seen the wildcat, but Patton was scared. He Does not like people in costumes. He doesn't like animals of any type or size either. I can't help but laugh, and had to explain that last week at the Gymdogs, I tried to have his pic taken with some of the cheerleaders. He would have NOTHING to do with them. Micah was proud to pose with them.... 

But it was then that I decided that (and I told everyone) Patton doesn't like characters, animals, or Hot Chicks. Everyone laughed. We watched the game for a minute or so before hearing Patton say something. I had to ask him again what he said, he said "I do like hot chicks." LOL I can't help it! What a sweet sweet boy!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Play Doh

During the Three Week break, we had to stay busy or else Micah and I both went crazy. There were several days that we just stayed home. That rarely ever happens. But on one very cold day, I couldn't think about leaving the house. Micah put on his Summer play clothes and was ready for some fun. I checked my Pinterest boards for a fun craft. Play Doh was the plan. Homemade Play doh. It sounded VERY easy.
I had Micah add the ingredients. And stir stir stir

Then we ended up with this. Micah's Favorite color GREEN. Enough Play Doh for a small army.

Then we got out the Play Doh tools and the boys went to work.

15 minutes of preparation entertained My Micah for at least an hour!! Patton liked it too! SCORE!