Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Micah is EIGHT!

I had the most difficult time this year. Months and months ago I had the coolest, most simple party planned in my head. It involved a magician (one of the best) and the ice cream bus (our favorite) I attempted to contact the magician over the span on 2 months. When I realized that nothing was going to come out of it, I was a little bummed to say the least. But I got over it. I decided that for the first time in 8 years that I wouldn't throw an extravagant birthday party for Micah. I have done that every year since the boy turned one. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE planning parties, preparing for the party, and throwing the party. But oh boy, I just couldn't get into it this year. I knew early on that for the first time ever, he wouldn't have a pool party. There aren't many other things that you can do for an August birthday, it's just too stinkin' 
H O T! I thought about nearly every indoor location known to mankind. I looked online, I called, I priced. I had a hard time thinking that I'd spend $350-$450 for an hour- maybe 2 hours.  I talked to a lot of people. I even cried. But after I finally stopped to listen, I came to the conclusion that if you throw Big parties every.single.year, they won't be so memorable. I would rather the parties be memorable experiences than just a lot of hard work, time, and $ on my end. We finally decided that we'd let Micah invite a few friends to SkyZone. Now it was a matter of finding the time, between inflatables it was looking like it might be November. I was SO happy when we had a weekend that it was supposed to storm Friday-Sunday. On Friday at 4:00 I got a call canceling an inflatable. That opened up our Saturday. I quickly called Micah's friends that he wanted to invite. And with less than 24 hour notice, they were all excited and said they'd come! It was truly meant to be! We had never been to SkyZone before, but would go back in a heartbeat! It was the most fun that I've had in a while. Stacy and I may have been the only adults who were jumping but I didn't care, I had a BLAST!

Everybody had a great time. Micah was sad to leave. It was a fraction of the price I would have even paid to feed people at a pool party. I would say it was a success and I have no more regrets!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Baby shower

We had the most difficult time coming up with a date to throw a baby shower for Laura, she travels during the summer and school begins so early now. Daphne, Kristi, and I with some help from Cindy decided that the beginning of August would just have to do. Laura is due at the end of September and we are all SO excited! The theme for the nursery is a travel hence all of the travels that Laura and Jerms do. I thought that we should carry that along with the shower and it turned out perfectly! Foods from all of the world, travel themed clothes line.... It went wonderfully!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Back to school

I could have not been happier than I was to receive a call from Micah's teacher letting me know that he would be in her class this year. She was teacher of the year 2 years ago. Was a kindergarten teacher who moved to 2nd last year. She's young, nice, but can be tough when needed. My heart was screaming on the inside when I found out! Here's Micah heading to his first day of the 2nd grade. I can't believe it! 

As I'm choosing pics to include on the blog, I can not for the life of me find Micah and his teacher. I KNOW I took one, with my good camera at that. I can not find it! Micah must had deleted it while he played with my camera before I loaded it :( I'm so sad now. 

More pool time

After the accident at Aiden's birthday party, I wasn't sure how Patton would do at the pool. We were planning on going to the water park, but found out that they were closed on Mondays. We quickly changed the playdate to the Rent's pool. Everyone came and most cried when it was time to leave. What sweet friends :)

 Since we're not planning on having a pool party this year, I needed to get the annual pic of the boys in the box. Aren't they getting big?!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Fun Saturday

Last year when Patton had his day with Laura that he could choose what he wanted to do, he chose to go to TJMAXX and they just happened upon "Public Safety Day." This year we just happened upon it again. We had nothing to do other than a moonwalk which I had set up earlier in the day, so we decided to go. Micah wanted to go on a helicopter ride SO bad. But I had a heard time thinking he'd fly over Bethlehem for 4 minutes for $35. He was sad.
 Winder police were letting people drive the golf cart with goggles that made it look like you were driving drunk. You had to dodge cones that were supposed to be people. Since no adults were waiting, some of the kids got a turn. Micah only hit 4 cones :o
 He LOVED this!

 Patton blue lips enjoyed his dumdum. 
 Stacy had Micah, along with Christian and Aiden had concert tickets for that evening, so Patton and I were left alone. That never happens. He went with me and was such a big help picking up the moonwalk. It was SO hot so we decided to go get ice cream afterwards. Patton ate his strawberry cone all up, and then ate half of my oreo!
 He thought it would be fun to go to Toys R us. We were there for a long time. I asked him what he thought we should do next, and of course we ended up at TJMAXX, still his favorite. 
 He chose pizza for dinner. Patton and I had such a great time together…. But so dud Stacy and Micah. I heard all about the concert the next day!


What would summer be without at least one trip to Mayfield? Although Heather and Sarah couldn't make it in time for the tour, they met up with us, Ashley, and Maggie for ice cream afterwards. 
 Maggie's "pose of the day."

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Fun Fun Fun

Way way way back during soccer season I mentioned to Will who was the recreation director at the church where I go to the gym, that it would be SO fun to have an adult kickball tournament. He thought it would be worth a try. We talked and talked about dates and he thought it would be best to play during the summer. July the 18th our team The Kickstarters played the Rockstars. We lost 9-1 but had SO.MUCH.FUN that we're planning on trying to play once a month. I Love kickball and haven't played since I worked at The Fort, we had a Blast!

Saturday was full of showers and a birthday party. Stacy was working on Saturday morning so I was unable to make it to Laura's baby shower. I did make it to Sarah's Sip and See for Levi, but I was only able to stay for an hour so that we wouldn't miss all of Aiden's birthday party.

I am SO excited that we discovered Bethlehem Church. Not only because it's close to home, we love the preacher, have met many new friends, and have reconnected with a lot of old friends. We joined a small group in the spring and were so excited that some old Dacula friends and their wives joined as well. Jeremy was in there and his son and Patton are the same age. We were invited to Aiden's birthday party and knew that we wanted to go. The weather had been questionable the whole week leading up to the party and even on the day of. But during the party the weather was perfect. The kids swam and had a great time. Only once (the most scariest thing happened. Patton took off his life jacket to eat cake, and forgot to put it back on before getting back in the pool. It was SO scary. He was ok, but needless to say he didn't get back into the pool that night.

 The birthday boy
 Throw him in!


 After the pool incident :(
 Sophie and her sweet blue eyes
 Which car should I choose…..