Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Friday, May 3, 2013

Yellow Belt!!

I have been so proud of Micah in Taekwondo. Although I KNOW that he could be an expert, if he actually Liked to practice at home.... He's done well so far. He tested at the end of April and received his Yellow belt. He had every move down perfect with the exception one ONE kick until the week of testing. As always, I was Way more nervous than him when it came testing time. What if he couldn't do the kick? Well he did a Great job! Even Pastor Craig complemented his kick! I was also super proud when it came time for bible verses (they have to choose one of two) and Micah said one verse, and then Pastor Craig paused and said "Don't you know the other verse too?" Micah recited it as well. That boy's memory is something else! I am one proud Mama of this sweet taekwondo boy! How stinking cute is he?!

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