Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Friday, May 24, 2013

Trip Day 1

Stacy had a job in Savannah last week. It just happened to fall on Micah's last day of school. Of course I wasn't going to turn down any kind of trip.... even if it was a short one. I got a great deal (Living Social) about a month ago for a Hotel in Savannah. The hotel was great, the price couldn't be beat. As soon as Micah's party was over, we loaded up and headed to Savannah! We got there around 4. We stretched, checked into the hotel, Stacy came to meet us, and we headed to eat. I made reservations at The Lady and Sons. After finding parking, we went straight in. We had a DELICIOUS meal! Just as I expected, I was impressed. I loved the atmosphere, food, and company. Everyone was well behaved and we all enjoyed ourselves.

After dinner we headed downtown. 

We walked by the river, and went into several shops. 

Micah Loved the hat shop!

I wasn't sure how mean it is, but we all went into the candy shop anyway. Micah did well, didn't even ask for candy! But he was SO happy to get a Savannah souvenir  penny :)

I loved all of the old architecture of Savannah, and I think Micah liked it too, because he said "I Love Savannah. I wish we could move here!" 

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