Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Since Micah was 1 we had always gone to Hebron's Fall Festival for Halloween, but this year instead of them having it on Halloween night, they had it the Saturday before. We had Party Jumps jobs, so we missed it :( We went back and forth on what to do for Halloween night. We don't have a whole lot of homes in our neighborhood, and have Never tick or treated in here. We finally decided that we would visit our family, go to BFUMC's Trunk or Treat, and end our night with Ms. Greene. At our first stop we were SO surprised to find This!!!
 The Rosburys even trick or treated for the first time EVER!
 Our second stop was Nut's and we saw the cutest elephant Ever!! Sweet Riley boy!
 And our last stop of the night Ms. Greene's! LOVE her!

Career Day

Micah's school has career day on Halloween and Micah was SO excited to dress up as an astronaut  this year. At first he wanted to be an astronaut, then a SWAT man, then back to astronaut. Before he had time to change his mind again, I ordered his costume. I thought he was a super cute astronaut. I walked into school with him so that I could get some pics with him and some of his favorites :)
 Nurse Duke
 Ms. Higgins the principal
 Micah and Hailey B :) Love her :)
 Flight Attendant Wages
 We found another Astronaut!
 Sweet Farmer Greene
And Ms. Brech

Patton's Halloween Party

It was the first party of the school year and I was SO excited to plan it with Heather and Sarah. We had games, lots of yummy food, and crafts. I think it was a hit. All of the kids had a great time. I didn't get many pictures due to the fact that I was helping with the games, but here are a couple of the cute children :)

Pumpkin Patch x 2

Since we had such a Blast last year at Corn Dawgs, we decided to go there again this year. We played all kinds of games, went on the hay ride, looked at pumpkins, slid down slides, went through the corn maze and had so much fun. 

 We stayed at Corn Dawgs until close to 2:00 and both boys were past ready for lunch. We decided to go have some frozen yogurt instead. We went to Night Owl in Loganville and then decided to head on over to Washington Farms. We didn't do the farm activities there, but I Love the Real pumpkin patch as opposed to picked pumpkins just laying around. We walked and walked and even found the sunflower patch. The day was beautiful, the trip was a hit. He had a Great day. 

End of our trip

We enjoyed our trip so much. We stayed SO busy but had SO much fun. On our way home we passed through the Smokey Mountain National Park. We (like everyone else) ignored he government shut down and all of the cones lining the entrances and we stopped at several locations throughout the park. We had a great time. The weather was absolutely Perfect, the scenery was even better. I am SO glad we stopped!