Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 2

Stacy didn't have time to finish his job on Thursday, so he had to go do a bit more on Friday. We all got up and moving, showered, dressed, ate, and were checked out of the Savannah hotel by 9. I accidentally forgot Patton's stroller at home and had plans to buy a cheap umbrella stroller for the weekend. I got lucky at Target near our hotel. I found a $20 one on clearance for $10, but there was another discount and I ended up paying $5 for the stroller. It is far from the prettiest, but it made walking around a WHOLE lot easier! Micah wanted to go back downtown SO bad. So while Stacy worked Friday morning, we went back downtown. We went into all kinds of shops, and Micah said seeing the barge up close and personal was "The coolest the EVER!" 

The weather was absolutely perfect. We ended up taking a ferry ride and both boys Loved that! 

Being that I am not at all familiar with paid parking, when I parked by a meter that said 2 hours, I thought that I had to leave after 2 hours.... I had no idea that I could put more money in :( I was sad that we lost our great parking spot, and we drove around for a while trying to find a new spot that I could fit my tank of a truck into. We finally found a parking deck, and both boys "needed food" so we wandered a little until we found Your Pie. We love to go to the one in Athens, and Pizza is Patton's favorite, so that's where we ended up. After lunch, we we into several more shops and I knew that they both needed a rest. We got back into the truck and decided to head towards the Island. We weren't supposed to be able to check into our hotel until 4:00, but our room was ready when we arrived around 2:30, so we headed up, changed, and went straight to the beach. Oh how those boys were in Heaven.... and me too! I needed some sand in my toes So bad. Although this sand was not as beautiful, white, and clean looking as I'm used to it was just nice to be on the beach. 

We spent a while playing before heading in to get clean and dressed for our reservations at The Pirates' House. We LOVED the atmosphere, but the food.... not so much. It was a fun experience anyway..... We caught the tail end of the Beach Bum Parade and got our truck nice and clean, stopped for ice cream and then called it a night. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Trip Day 1

Stacy had a job in Savannah last week. It just happened to fall on Micah's last day of school. Of course I wasn't going to turn down any kind of trip.... even if it was a short one. I got a great deal (Living Social) about a month ago for a Hotel in Savannah. The hotel was great, the price couldn't be beat. As soon as Micah's party was over, we loaded up and headed to Savannah! We got there around 4. We stretched, checked into the hotel, Stacy came to meet us, and we headed to eat. I made reservations at The Lady and Sons. After finding parking, we went straight in. We had a DELICIOUS meal! Just as I expected, I was impressed. I loved the atmosphere, food, and company. Everyone was well behaved and we all enjoyed ourselves.

After dinner we headed downtown. 

We walked by the river, and went into several shops. 

Micah Loved the hat shop!

I wasn't sure how mean it is, but we all went into the candy shop anyway. Micah did well, didn't even ask for candy! But he was SO happy to get a Savannah souvenir  penny :)

I loved all of the old architecture of Savannah, and I think Micah liked it too, because he said "I Love Savannah. I wish we could move here!" 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Last Day

Micah's last day of school was last Thursday. I must have told myself (and others too) at least a hundred times...."I'm not going to cry." We have enjoyed being at BES this year. It has been totally different that I EVER expected. We have LOVED Ms. Greene. I seriously couldn't have asked for a better teacher to warm us up to "Big school." She is the best! I loved my visits with her, helping out in the classroom, and being at the school.... Not enough to make me be ready to go back to work, but I've said that when I do, I'd love to work with her. She has not only been a GREAT teacher this year, but she's been a good friend too. I am already praying for a good teacher for next year, although I am so stinking nervous Again! This year Micah excelled. He really did a great job at school, just got into a little trouble talking, and not following directions (surprise surprise) He got sent to a first grade class early on in the year for reading, and was tested and Passed the gifted test near the end of the year. Only 2 kindergartners passed, so they went with the first graders to their gifted class. Micah enjoyed that. He was only given one at home assignment and it was a Book Bag Project. I told him that I wouldn't help him at all, that it was HIS assignment. He ended up choosing a good book and did a great job.... Made a 100! I'm hoping that he continues to thrive in that class, and that he doesn't get kicked out :o He loved getting to go to first grade for reading as well. And I really liked the first grade teacher, if given the choice for next year, I would choose her in a heartbeat..... But she's pregnant and staying home with her baby next year :( As far as other teachers, I'm not sure. I just keep hearing that there are going to be a lot of changes. The principal is retiring, the AP is going back to the classroom, and several teachers are moving.... I loved the principal as well, I love the fact that she knew my son by name, and not because he was a trouble maker! I'm sure my principal never knew my name until I was in the 5th grade..... maybe?! My goal is to have a good summer, and not stress about next year. Here's hoping. 
I got this email from Ms. Greene a couple of weeks ago, and still laugh when I think about it!! 

I.don't.dress.up.....  Not even for Stevie B's! lol 

Micah's class had their end of the year party/ awards on Thursday morning. I got there a little early and got to watch them play outside for a little bit. Micah's buddy buddy with the SRO, she calls him her "little boyfriend" and has to come give him a hug :)

I only teared up a couple of times before the actual party began... nothing major, but I would have seriously been in tears had Micah been in the 5th grade walk! Now that is something emotional! We got to see our sweet neighbor Ashlyn. 

After the walk came an ice cream party, singing, and awards. Micah got "Radiant Reader" and Honor Roll. I did end up crying, but not too much, I began to cry and quickly made my exit. It's time for summer!


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day

Although Mama didn't feel the best, we still had a fun time celebrating Mother's day. Since neither Nut, Mama, or I like making food decisions, we asked Jerms what he thought would be good. He said steak, chicken, and shrimp..... AND he volunteered to cook!! I was quite excited myself and offered to do drinks, brownies, mac and cheese, and mashed potatoes. Daph brought salad, and we had quite a feast! Jerms did a Great job on the meat, everything was yummy. We headed to Nut's for lunch and a celebration of the mothers in our lives. Here are a couple pics from the day.

Late Sunday afternoon Stacy and the boys headed to visit Stacy's mom who was in the hospital for some testing. I hung out and waited. We had a wonderful peaceful dinner at Long Horns. My gifts that I got were a wonderful breakfast prepared by Stacy, a new ipad cover, and an Old Navy GC, and some beautiful flowers. I made Mama a sign, but plan to (with the help of Laura and Daphne) plant her garden for her next week :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Maggie is FOUR!

We were so excited to be invited to Maggie's gymnastics party this year. Ashley asked me months ago if we were invited would we come, or if it was more of a girly party. I told her that we would LOVE to come. I tried my best to arrange all Party Jumps setups and pickups around sweet Maggie's party. But everything that we had ended up being canceled due to the horrible weather, so everything worked out perfectly. The party was a BLAST. The kids began with stretching. 

Then they did an obstacle course.

After that they had free play. Everyone loved the foam block pit. I even took my turn on the rope! I loved this party! So fun!

We ended with cake and presents.  By this point everyone was hot, sweaty, and ready for a break!