Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Break Day One

I am SO thankful that Micah's school has a fall break. Ever since the summer we had been hoping to go somewhere during October but hadn't booked anything. Stacy called me the week before the break and told me that he had booked us a trip. He got a good deal on a hotel so I was excited. We didn't tell the boys until we had to, and I seriously waited until Friday night to pack our bags (we left Saturday morning) I normally pack several days in advance, so I just hoped that I remembered everything. Both boys were SO excited to be going to the mountains. We left the house Saturday morning and got to Tennessee around lunch time to these beautiful sights.

After stopping for some quick pics we headed to our destination.... Pigeon Forge!

After we ate lunch we went sight seeing. We ended up at one of the coolest stops of our entire trip. Everyone LOVED Wonderworks! It is an interactive museum and has over 120 interactive exhibits including things for little people and big alike. It was SO Stinking fun! There were only 2 things that the boys didn't enjoy. The first was the black light tunnel that you entered at the very beginning of the museum. It almost made MIcah cry. And Patton did cry. The second thing that was a bit scary for them was the hurricane room. It was simply a little room with a very strong fan in it, but neither boy liked it at all. Other than that the museum was a major hit!

 This  was a Titanic exhibit it was Freezing cold water and you were supposed to see how long you could keep your hand in it. Stacy ended up lasting almost 1 minute and a half.... I lasted closer to 45 seconds. It was SO cold. 
 My most Favorite thing of the whole museum was the 360 degree bikes. If you peddled  the bike would flip you around in circles. I may have screamed out loud a few times. It was SO fun!!
 Micah LOVED the astronaut area. They had several different flight simulators, space suits, space shuttles, and a HUGE indoor ropes course. Micah has found a new love of astronauts recently, and he really enjoyed all of this.
 A Real bed of nails.... I had holes in my legs for a while after trying this!
 The bubble area was SO cool! We stayed in there for close to 30 minutes!
 Oh yeah, Patton was there too ;) He enjoyed everything, but the bubbles and the computer were probably his most favorites. 
We all enjoyed spending the afternoon at Wonderworks and I'm sure that this is somewhere we would all Love to go back to again sometime. So fun!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Brown Belt!

Although it seems like he just tested, it was actually 2 months ago. Micah got the blue belt moves down pretty quickly and was ready to test for the brown belt. He did a great job at testing. He is typically quiet and well behaved. I am always so proud of him. A lot of the kids bounce around, talk, and act crazy. Micah tends to sit quietly with his legs crossed. So un-Micah-like, but so nice. He he is. Out with the blue and in with the brown. I am So glad that he is enjoying taekwondo. 


Micah is having a hard time getting used to being a first grader this year. Ms. Greene was a way more flexible teacher who didn't mind his leadership qualities (correcting, talking, and trying to be the teacher.... The teacher this year won't put up with any of that. We are on the schedule of a note every other week :( He's having a hard time which means  I'm also having a hard time. We're continually praying for good days. I was So excited when I learned that Micah got invited to the Awards Ceremony (for perfect attendance) He was excited to get an award! I'm already afraid that he won't be invited next nine weeks (he had to miss a day for a dentist appt :( 
 Children waiting patiently to receive awards.
 Mrs. Brech
 Our sweet principal and AP.

Patton At School

When I got the calendar for October, I knew that it was going to be a super busy month. Horses, pictures, picnic, pumpkin patch, Halloween party..... There is something every week! Patton talked and talked the horses and couldn't wait to ride Muffin Doodle. I was excited that he was excited. He acted a little different when it actually came time to brush, feed, and ride the horse, but I was happy that he participated. 

 Patton got sick and when I called to tell his school that he wouldn't be there, they reminded me that it was picture day. I had NO idea! I was told that as long as he didn't have a fever, he could come in for the class picture. I knew I would cry if I got the class pic and he wasn't in it. So I ran him to school, got there in time for the class pic, they even wanted to take his individual pic.... then we left. I don't think we contaminated anyone :o What a Sweet class is this?!

The Fair

We were ready and counting down the days until the fair this year. Micah couldn't wait to do the mirror house. He talked and talked about it, and made sure that it was the very first thing that he did. 

We got to the fair right when it opened and stayed until well after dark. It ended up being quite a Dacula reunion. We saw so many of my old friends, it was fun.  We ended up getting our $ worth out of those stamps, both boys LOVED the rides! Patton's favorite was the Crocodile ride.

 Micah LOVED the swings and the Frog Hopper.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Race

Instead of selling wrapping paper, cookies, candy, and popcorn, Micah's school hosts a fun run and 5k. I was so excited that Daphne wanted to run again this year. Last year Nut was busy and couldn't run, but this year she did and so did Amber. Sarah signed up but went camping at the last minute instead, and Stacy had to work late. We had 2 extra numbers so Terren and Ethan ran the fun run :) I am by far a distance runner. I'm a sprinter and have never learned to pace myself for long distances. Although I could run hour an hour + easily on an elliptical, I have a hard time outside on pavement. Terren ended up finishing in the top 5 or so for the mile run, and Micah wasn't far behind. I did good to finish the race with my new found teacher friend Ms. Wheeler. 

After we finished the mile run Terren wanted to run the 5k. I told her that I thought she should. Although the reason that we came was for the races, there was also a festival going on. I told Micah that we could go do games during the 5k. He wanted to do the Cake walk, it's his favorite. He played several times, went to the lollipop tree, and went fishing for candy, then we headed back in time to see people begin to finish the race. While we waited for our people I took a sweet pic of all of the cousins minus Terren who ran the 5k.

I totally missed Nut crossing the finish line, so there was no picture. She said that she wasn't going to try for a good time, but she did.....

I did get a picture of Amber, Daphne and Terren finishing with a GREAT time considering a 7 year old kept pace! 

Terren ended up winning an award for fastest time for a girl under 10! I'm pretty sure both Nut and Daphne won medals too, but honestly I don't remember. I was tired, hungry, and wanted to lay down on my bed, so we left before all of the awards were given. But what a FUNF FUN night!


Before summer even began, we made a list with our friends of several of the things that we'd like to do during the summer. Due to the weather being so rainy, some of our activities never took place. But as soon as school began we decided that we'd try to mark off one more activity. We headed to Mayfield. We took the tour and everyone had a great time. We all ate ice cream and only had one meltdown.... From Patton who requested chocolate ice cream and I bought him vanilla.