Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

More Gym Dog Fun

We love the gym dog meets. And although Micah thinks that he's like to go to every meet, I think 1 or 2 a season is good for him. He was excited to go this year and was happy to get a new bear for his collection. 

 We had the pleasure Aiden coming with us.  During one of the breaks the guys come around and shoot t-shirts out of shooters. One came up to our section, bounced off of Aiden's face, and Stacy's hands into my hands! I was SO excited to catch a shirt! Too bad it was for a tiny person (like an adult small!!) I gave it to Aiden with her poor eye that had been hit with the shirt :)
 We visited Noah and made some little boys happy.
 We had a difficult time deciding where to eat. We ended up at Herschel's Famous 34. It was just ok. I don't think we'll ever have the desire to return, but it was fun none the less. Aiden ordered a club sandwich that was SOOO big that she could hardly even bite it!
 Jana got to come to the next home meet. We had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs!
 I may or may not have pushed Laura when she got out of the van at Jason's Deli. She may or may not have fallen in the bushes, flattened them, and got stuck herself. Hilarious!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tons of fun!

Our friends Love to go to the once a month "Mommy and Me" The circus one was so fun!
 For one of the very first Gym Dog meets of this season, we had an extra ticket. Heather had mentioned that she would like to go, so I invited her. Sarah has tickets with her mom. So when I told her that Heather was coming we decided to car pool. We had a yummy Varsity dinner before heading to the meet. (Not sure why my face is so red!!)

I got a sweet pic with with my group of pregnant friends….. NOT jealous! ;)
 After craving Japanese for over a week, I told Stacy that we really Needed to go. We had a delicious lunch but Patton was the funniest. They gave us soup and salad, then the cook cooked all of our food and served it. Our plates were full. Patton didn't realize what was going on since the food kept coming and coming, he asked "When is our real food going to come?"
 We had a fun time celebrating two sweet girls birthdays :)
The sweetest cousins picture :)
 An IPOD?!?!

 Birthday girls

Waking up

As I still play with my new lens, I thought that one day when Patton actually took a nap, that I would Love to take some pics of him sleeping. I attempted one, and woke him up. Mistake. The poor baby woke up. I didn't get a pic like I wanted, but these are pretty sweet.


Because I still can ;)


On January 5th, Paw-Paw turned 89. We all headed to the country to celebrate. It was SO cold, and we had a variety of soups to try to warm our bones. Paw- Paw was all smiles as Morgan and Matthew helped him into the gathering place.

Ginny made some pies and decorated them cute.

 Patton LOVES Paw-Paw!
 Love him!
The loot! What else could a 89 year old man want or need? ;)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Christmas Break fun

Although we did a lot of fun things during the 3 week Christmas break, I made sure that we spent a couple of days at home just playing with new toys. Micah was so excited about his Magic School Bus electricity kit. We played and played and did all kinds of fun experiments with it. Micah LOVED it!

 One afternoon when it wasn't Freezing cold, we put on coats and played outside. I had been wanting to play with my new lens…. Still figuring it out, but I think I got some sweet pics.
 "Micah Zombie"
 I'm not sure where this face came from, Patton came home from school saying that he and Brayden like to do this at school. It's so weird, but he thinks its hilarious!

 Me and my baby boy.
 Sweet sisters.