Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Christmas Day

Just like every other morning, Micah woke us all up super early on Christmas morning. We hopped up and I took a picture of our sweet boys in their pjs before showers.
We had a wonderful Christmas morning filled with excitement and smiles. Micah's list this year was a mile long and included things like a magic set (He got a lot of magic things from Hannah) a microscope, a globe, a lot of books, learning things like that, and Legos. He got the majority of things that he asked for. He was ecstatic to get the Lego Octane set that he'd been asking for since the summer. He even spent the entire afternoon working on it and completed it all. by. himself!

Patton's list was much like himself, short and simple. He asked for a camelback water bottle, a toothbrush (both blue) and some new cowboy boots. Of course he received all of those things plus some train tracks, books and clothes. 

I got Stacy some wireless headphones and an iPod classic. I think he was pretty pleased :)

I had a really hard time coming up with anything that I needed or wanted this year, so I asked for a small car like a Honda that would be good on gas milage for all of my driving, it was mostly a joke. I also asked for a new lens for my camera. I got a lens. I LOVE it. I still have a TON to learn, I normally just keep my camera on automatic, but I'm trying to learn more. Patton didn't want me to practice on him, but Micah was ok :)

After opening gifts, and having breakfast we played for a while before heading over to Laura's for the family celebration. We began with the Gingerbread house competition. I had big plans for a beautiful castle this year….. The first try didn't go as planned and I ran out of time. I was almost embarrassed to even take it, but as I told Stacy "It's better to submit an unfinished project than to not submit one at all." Laura's won for the adults and you can sneak a peek of mine in the back ground. Micah was SO excited to win for the little kids!

While the judging was taking place I had Jerms teach me a little about my new lens. I practiced a little, then it was time for gifts. 

I was so excited to give the Rosburys a family gift of shirts with their family verse on them. 
Rowan loved his mask. 
We had lunch, visited for a while and headed home for a relaxing afternoon which ended with Chinese and going to bed early. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Christmas Eve

We continued the tradition of going to the country for Christmas eve. It was very low key and not even half of the aunts, uncles, or cousins came. But we had a good time none the less. We sang songs, visited, ate, and opened presents. Here's the green crew!
 Micah enjoyed being Santa this year!
 He LOVED the legos that Hannah got him, 
 But thought the BEST gift of all was a couple of magic sets!
 Terren got a Little House on the Prairie dress, boots, And doll!!
 Sweet Patton sang Away in a Manger :)
 Eating issues?! Micah said "Mama, It is Christmas eve after all….." He ate more than me!

Micah's Christmas Party

I was excited to be able to be asked to help out with the first grade Christmas Carnival this year. Little did I know what all it might involve. I was asked to come to a grade level meeting where I learned that they would like to use several of Party Jumps things. I brought 2 games and 2 concessions. Other than unloading and loading all of the equipment by myself, the only other issue would be making sure there were enough people to help me make 150 servings of cotton candy, and popcorn before the carnival time. Again, I was nervous. Micah's teacher send email after email home asking for volunteers. I think it's just hit or miss with this school. One teacher let me know that she was sure that she's have at least 2, maybe 3 people to help out. Thank goodness, because there is NO way that one person could have managed it all. Not only were these teachers looking for volunteers before the carnival to help get ready/ set up, but they also needed volunteers to help run the games. I let them know straight up that I would NOT be helping during the party. Out of 150 students we ended up having 7 morning parent volunteers! But that was more than enough, because we got it all done with almost an hour to spare. It wasn't enough time to leave and go eat, or go to Target so I just hung at the school and visited with my favorite Greene. The kindergarden had just finished their party so it was perfect timing. I met a kind mama of one of her students and even had a little guy draw a pic of me. It looks JUST like me huh?!

After hanging out for a while it was time for the first grade carnival to begin. I headed that was ready for some fun.  I just followed Micah around and watched him make snowflakes, shoot basketballs, make snowmen, eat cotton candy and even do a cake walk. Most of the children were finished with all of the activities within 30-45 minutes, so just as planned I packed up and hit the road. Ready for a nice long break!

Patton's Christmas Party

I was So looking forward to Patton's party. Sarah, Heather, and I worked hard and planned a sweet Christmas party. We did everything that we needed to do ahead of time and all that needed to be done was to pick up Chick-fil-A on the day of the party. The problem was that Micah was sick. I had an awful night. I hardly slept at all. And when it was time to actually get up, Micah complained that he was dizzy. I wondered if he really knew what dizzy was, but I gave him some Tylenol hoping that he'd feel better. He ended up complaining of stomach problems before he got into the shower. I thought maybe it was an upset stomach….. He took a shower and shortly after he got out he vomited. At this time a stomach bug had been going around and I was just  hoping that we would miss it, but at this point I was afraid we wouldn't. He acted very subdued and unMicah like. I cried because the rule is you have to wait 24 hours after vomiting to go back to school right?! I cried some more when I had to let Heather and Sarah know that I wouldn't be able to be at the party. I cried again when I dropped Patton off and he realized that I wasn't going to stay for the party. He cried too then. I happened to be dropping Patton off at the same time that Karen Capes was dropping Jonathan off and I asked her if she'd take some pictures for me. I was so sad to miss the party. It was the first one that I have ever had to miss. Everyone assured me that Patton ended up being ok and all of my friends made sure that he got attention and was helped and loved on. I am SO thankful to have pics of Patton at his party!!

Micah ended up being ok, and only threw up that one time. He had a snack, lunch, and was a "regular boy" before it was even time to pick Patton up…… Now to plan the Valentine's Party ;)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas Play

We were honored to be guests this year of the Rosbury's church's Christmas play. Half of the nieces and nephews were in the play. They did such a great job. Ethan was Joseph and was so sweet. The little people were shepherds and were so well behaved! Here they are all dressed in Daphne made costumes. Not bad eh?! :)

A Beary Merry Holiday

I was SO excited to learn that the first grade was going to do the Christmas musical at the school this year. I asked Micah if he wanted to participate and he said yes. I was even more excited to learn that he got a part as a "rapping bear." We were told to dress him in all brown and chains, hats etc were a great addition. Believe it our not I had a difficult time finding a brown sweat suit. I looked and looked. Then I looked some more. I check online, but couldn't even find anything. I told Stacy that I was having a hard time and he said he'd try to keep his eye out as well. He finally found an outfit at Walmart. Rapper chains and bear ears from Party City. $30 later, we had a brown rapper bear. But oh may isn't he cute?!
As soon as I found out about the musical I invited the whole fam. I figured they might like to see my sweet rapping bear. I figured one of two things, there wouldn't be very many people at the show, or it would be packed. We were supposed to have our children at the school by 6 for a 6:30 musical. We got the at 5:45 just in case….. I was hoping for front row seats. I found out from the sweet music teacher where Micah would be sitting and I tried to sit accordingly. Do to other issues, Laura couldn't come. Half of the Rosburys were sick, but Mama and Daddy ended up coming and bringing a couple of cousins. Micah did a GREAT job, and was a Stinking Cute Bear. If only I could include a video….. 


One of Micah's favorite places EVER is Menchie's. Until about a month ago we went to the stores in Dacula and Hamilton Mill. We were so excited to learn that they were opening one near our house. Of course in natural Robinson style, we were there on opening day! And a couple of weeks later when they had $1 night, and a few more times just for fun. We meet friends there, bump into other friends there, and even make new friends there. We love having such yumminess right around the corner :)