Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Sunday, June 29, 2014


One day Stacy came home from work with a turtle. Micah thought it was the best thing ever. He called her Star and wanted to keep her for a pet. I didn't know much about turtles at all, so I had to do some research. Although I knew she probably wouldn't last very long at our house, and that we'd have to set her free after several days, we tried to make her stay her as enjoyable as possible. We made sure she was nice and clean. She Loved the bath! 
 We let her play in the yard to get some exercise. Micah found her worms and we fed her fruit and veggies too.

 Micah couldn't stand to be without her, and carried her in a box everywhere we went for 3 days.
On her last day with us, we had to run somewhere and I told Micah that I thought it was a good idea to leave her outside in her crate instead of in the garage. He argued with me, but I insisted that she needed some sun. Although I knew that she had been practicing her climbing skills and was close to being able to climb of of the crate, I didn't think that she would. When we came back home, Micah was devastated to see that she was gone! He cried, and cried, and cried. It was SO sad. For a spilt second, I mean as soon as it enter my head, it was gone… I thought maybe the boy needs a pet. He would love a little kitten and Stacy would too. But who would end up taking care of it? Who would train it? Who would watch it while we go on our cruise? Like I said, as soon as it entered my head, it was gone. At least Micah was able to mark one thing off of his "Summer to do list" He wanted to "get a pet."

Memorial Day

Like normal we attended the Dacula Memorial day parade. Like normal we all went to Sonny's for lunch afterward. Like normal we all went to the Rent's after lunch. Unlike normal the pool was not ready :( There was a leak in it last year and the liner needed to be replaced. Even though Mama and Daddy both let the pool people know that we have our first party of the year on Memorial day, they didn't come to replace the liner until the day after Memorial day. We were all bummed. I pulled out a couple of slip n slides, and we even thought about setting up Party Jumps' water slide, but decided against it when we saw the chance of rain was high.

 Micah and Patton were so excited  that Riley came to the parade.
 Pregnant Nut trying to keep cool. It was HOT!

 "Look Patton here they come!"

 The Rosbury's church was in the parade again
 And we celebrated Jerm's birthday too :)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Soccer celebration

It seems like as soon as soccer began, it ended. The season flew by! Micah ended up being an awesome soccer player and already wants to play again. The award ceremony went so smoothly, they had pictures, trophies, and cake. It was simple, and quick. 
I had to make sure the lighting was ok :) Sweet Patton blue eyes.
 Will was brand new to running the Rec soccer this year. Everyone said he was a major improvement from last year.

 The whole gang :)

 Micah and Coach P
 We were happy to see and get to hang out with Rowan after the awards. What sweet friends :)

Last Day

There was one.last award ceremony on the very last day of school. There was also an ice cream party. Stacy was off of work, so we all went. Micah was proud to receive one more award.
I was so excited that the music teacher popped in, I wasn't able to get a picture of her at the last award ceremony. Here she is with the "Promising musician" 
 Micah and his sweet friend Brayden
 And the last pic with Ms. Brech. Happy Summer!!

End of the year awards

The last week of school is always so busy. I was running like a chicken with my head cut off from one activity to the next. The day of Micah's awards was also the day of Patton's picnic. Micah's awards began at 9, Patton's picnic was at 10:30. My morning began by dropping Micah off at 8 and I rushed to drop Patton off, so that I could make it back to Micah's awards. I made it 1 minute. 1 minute late. I didn't miss anything, just a chance at a good place to stand. I was stuck right in the opening of the door. I didn't want to stand there though out the awards, because if anyone came any later than I did, they wouldn't even have a place to stand. My goal was to move to a new spot. During the whole first class' awards, I looked around for a place to move. I found a spot and was able to sneak to it between classes. Little did I know at the time, I was standing in the line of 2nd grade teachers. It ended up being a great thing though….. I know who I want next year ;) I got invited to watch Micah get the social studies award for his class. Still not sure what he did to receive that one, but I was proud anyway. What surprised me though was when they announced him as the "Promising Musician." My Micah won the music award for the Entire.First.Grade!! I gasped out loud, I couldn't help it. People even turned to look at me when I gasped, I just said "I had NO idea he was getting that one!" I grabbed some pics super quick and had to run back to Patton's school for his picnic.

 SO thankful that sweet Heather had time and was willing to stop and pick up lunch for Patton. We had no food And no time to stop for any. Patton was happy to have "brown chicken and blueberries" :)
 Same boys, beginning and end of the year. 

Mother's Day

This year for Mother's day we went with an Italian theme. Nut and Jerms hosted again and we were so happy to celebrate our mothers and celebrate being mothers as well. We had a nice time talking and taking pictures before calling it an afternoon. 

That evening we decided to try the new Long Horns by our house. We got there at 4:30 and the wait was 115 minutes! Almost 2 hours?! I think not. I said "Why don't we just go to Wendy's?" Then Stacy said, let's try the one in Monroe. We did. We got there and the wait was 15 minutes! AND we ended up seeing several people that we knew. We had a great meal and it was a wonderful Mother's day complete with 2 new pairs of gym shoes, and a watch with a heart rate monitor. :) Weird that I don't have any pics with me and my offspring…. Maybe two other days.

Fundraiser kickball game

Shortly after the school year began, a family (mother and children) were involved in a car accident. The mom and daughter were both in the hospital for a little while, but the son was injured more than them and may never be the same. It's a sad story. When the school decided to have a fundraiser kickball game, I was in! Patton and I met Micah after school and watched the game. Stacy was able to meet us there. They raised just at $1000 for the family and a good bit of people came. It was nice to see our little community come out to support them.

Small Group

Although we've been going to the same church for over a year now, maybe close to 2? We had yet to join a small group. The majority of churches that I know of have done away with Sunday school. I shouldn't complain about that, because it makes for a very long Sunday, but sometimes it might be easier to stay late on Sunday morning, than to have to find another night during the week to dedicate to a small group. We ended up finding one during the spring that was early on Sunday night AND had childcare on site! It was perfect! We signed up along with some of our friends, and I couldn't have loved it more. We met some many new people and some will be forever friends! I was sad to say good bye at the last meeting at the park.

Harrison Lee

We've been waiting patiently and were SO excited to celebrate the arrival of sweet baby Harrison. Sarah and I headed to "the other side of the world" to see Heather and Harrison. Heather asked me to take some pictures, so I brought my camera and took some super cute ones :) Then later that week, I visited them at home for some more. Sweet Sweet baby.