Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 2

Stacy didn't have time to finish his job on Thursday, so he had to go do a bit more on Friday. We all got up and moving, showered, dressed, ate, and were checked out of the Savannah hotel by 9. I accidentally forgot Patton's stroller at home and had plans to buy a cheap umbrella stroller for the weekend. I got lucky at Target near our hotel. I found a $20 one on clearance for $10, but there was another discount and I ended up paying $5 for the stroller. It is far from the prettiest, but it made walking around a WHOLE lot easier! Micah wanted to go back downtown SO bad. So while Stacy worked Friday morning, we went back downtown. We went into all kinds of shops, and Micah said seeing the barge up close and personal was "The coolest the EVER!" 

The weather was absolutely perfect. We ended up taking a ferry ride and both boys Loved that! 

Being that I am not at all familiar with paid parking, when I parked by a meter that said 2 hours, I thought that I had to leave after 2 hours.... I had no idea that I could put more money in :( I was sad that we lost our great parking spot, and we drove around for a while trying to find a new spot that I could fit my tank of a truck into. We finally found a parking deck, and both boys "needed food" so we wandered a little until we found Your Pie. We love to go to the one in Athens, and Pizza is Patton's favorite, so that's where we ended up. After lunch, we we into several more shops and I knew that they both needed a rest. We got back into the truck and decided to head towards the Island. We weren't supposed to be able to check into our hotel until 4:00, but our room was ready when we arrived around 2:30, so we headed up, changed, and went straight to the beach. Oh how those boys were in Heaven.... and me too! I needed some sand in my toes So bad. Although this sand was not as beautiful, white, and clean looking as I'm used to it was just nice to be on the beach. 

We spent a while playing before heading in to get clean and dressed for our reservations at The Pirates' House. We LOVED the atmosphere, but the food.... not so much. It was a fun experience anyway..... We caught the tail end of the Beach Bum Parade and got our truck nice and clean, stopped for ice cream and then called it a night. 

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