Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How you feeling?

HOT HOT HOT!!! For 1 week our house has been HOT! We have Always doubted the actual usage of insulation in our house. But over the past week our air conditioner decided to stop working. I was sure that it just needed it's yearly dose of freon. I called my air guy, he had some guys come and look at it last week and they determined that it wasn't just a freon issue this time, but the compressor needed to be replaced :( Thankfully though they said after I replaced that for $800 the actual unit itself would be fine. The earliest they would be able to fix it would be the end of this week. I was stinking HOT. The temperatures inside our house were between 83-87 around the clock with a small window unit and box fans in Every room. I woke up at night Soaking wet. Miserable can hardly begin to describe it. I totally considered staying with the rents until the situation was taken care of, but Micah has been going to soccer camp this week. He has been exhausted and  I knew that he'd sleep better and later in his own bed than elsewhere. Sleep is VERY important for that boy! Anyway, when I told Daddy what the first air guys said, he suggested that I call Ed who just replaced one of the units at his house. So I did. He came on Monday and was here ALL day long. He, just like the first guys was under the impression that it was the compressor. I prepared to spend $800 to have it replaced, until right before he left and we heard a quiet leaking sound. Long story short the unit had to be replaced. I have been stressed, stressed, stressed. But we did it. Today was the day. After a week of living in my own personal sauna..... It's out with the old and in with the new. We've upgraded our unit and are hoping to save some money too :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

More fun

Saturday morning bright and early both boys woke up and were ready to Go to The Beach! Again, just like before we were some of the first people out. The morning was perfect. After a short walk everyone played and played. We ALL Love the beach! 

We played until lunch time, then we visited our hotel restaurant Dolphin Reef. We had a nice view of the beach and enjoyed our server. He was hilarious and kept us laughing most of the time. 
After lunch we took a short drive down the road to visit Fort Pulaski. I am not a lover of history things, but I knew that not only MIcah, but Stacy would LOVE the fort as well. And since we didn't have time the first trip I knew that we should make it a priority this time. We got there around 1 and gave ourselves 2 1/2 hours to visit. I knew that the boys could have made it a lot longer, but it was Stinking HOT for such a tour. What a difference 3 weeks could make in Savannah weather! 
It was neat to learn all about the history of the fort and get to walk all around the inside, top and bottom. It was Really neat to watch the soldiers do the gun explanation, and even more fun to see the cannons. We all enjoyed ourselves but after 2 1/2 hours were ALL ready to go. 

After visiting the fort, we ran back to the hotel, cleaned our sweat off, put on clean clothes and headed to dinner. We got to eat at The Lady and Sons again, loved it again. Micah wanted to go to the toy store SO bad, but I couldn't remember for the life of me where it was. He kept saying "It is near Mason." Whatever that meant? We wandered down several streets since we got to Savannah earlier than we expected, and Micah got SO excited when he saw a sign that said Mason. He said "We're going the right way! This is where the toy store is!" Sure enough we found that toy store with a gigantic turtle in it (the pic is still on my phone) We hung out in there for a while. Stacy and Micah kept busy trying out all kinds of different and interesting toys. We ended the night with ice cream and a walk on the beach. Ahhhhh I love the vacation life.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Savannah Trip take 2

Although Stacy was a little upset that one of the cabinets that he was supposed to install in the Savannah job was too small, I was SO excited at the chance to go back. We Loved our first trip and couldn't turn down another one. Although it was VERY last minute and I was literally running from place to place trying to find a ball for my truck, getting to the trailer place as they were closing..... I was still excited! We ended up leaving our house on a Thursday night around 9:00, drove through storm after storm and got to Savannah at 1:30 Friday morning. We slept for a few hours before we were up and gone again. This time side we rode together we had to get up so that we could get Stacy to the job. Oh my goodness how I liked the family who he worked for! The lady was so super nice. She told me about an aquarium, nature trail, and park that she thought the boys would enjoy. While Stacy worked all day on Friday we took her advice and headed to the Skidaway Island Aquarium. It was so sweet and took us about an hour (maybe less) from start to finish.

 After we finished in the aquarium, we headed to the nature trail. The day was turning out to be beautiful, especially after the major storm (5-6 inches of rain) the day before. Being that being these boys Love the outdoors it was right up their alley. About 1/2 into the trail we came upon some people who said they couldn't finish the walk due to the amount of crabs that had taken over the walk way. That got Micah SO excited, there was NO turning back now! We never saw the Huge amount of crabs that they talked about, but we saw a good bit and that made Micah so happy! 
We made our way around until we came to the 300 year old tree... 
We had a great morning, but it was getting close to lunch time and if you know my boys, they Never miss a meal. We headed to downtown Savannah for lunch. We walked around for a while and saw boats and all kinds of crafters busy selling things. My favorite of all had to be the man who could twist wire into names. How cool is this?!

As the afternoon continued we began to get hot. I thought that maybe Stacy would be finished soon, but I was wrong. We drove around for a while and Ms. Martha called me with an update on Mama.... Things were going unbelievably well. We decided to give the Skidaway State Park a chance. We found a playground and let them play for a while. I examined the map and learned that down one of the walking trails there was an alligator pond. Again, I knew Micah would love that but I didn't tell him, not knowing how far down the path it was.... and it was stinking HOT. According to the map it looked like it might have been between 1/2 to a mile down the path. After we walked and pushed Patton for at least a mile and a half without seeing any alligators, or a pond at that... I told Micah that we needed to turn around and go back. He was NOT happy about that and wanted to finish the trail.... I think we were on the 5 mile one? I was hot and needed water real bad. So unhappily for Micah we headed back to the truck. We did end up seeing all kinds of neat things during our walk and that was Micah's favorite part.

When we left we headed to the Village Market for drinks.... in which I was the ONLY person with children, and the ONLY person under 70. It cracked me up. We messed around for a little while before receiving a call from Stacy saying that he was done. We headed to pick him up. He was finishing loading when we arrived so the sweet home owner offered to take us on a golf cart ride around the neighborhood. It was beautiful, quiet, perfect for a retirement community..... I wanted to move there SO bad! Since everyone had long days we called it a night early so that we could have beach fun the next day.

Summer, the beginning

I knew for a fact that I would have to find a lot of things to do this summer. I got a list of all of the events that the libraries will be hosting and although I planned to do several of them, we've only made it to one thus far. I was so excited about learning how to milk a cow! I knew Micah would LOVE it.... Little did I know that it would simply be a trailer with a cow inside and a lady telling about how to milk a cow. There was no actual milking, the machine did all of the work and there were large signs that said No petting. I'm sure it was done this way due to liability, but I was hoping for a fun farm- like experience.... and this wasn't it. It was fun to bump into several friends that I haven't seen in a long time.

It's already stinking HOT and it's only June! We have spent several days at the pool and I Love those days, some days we've just stayed home... Not many, but some. Micah's day was made by simply Getting to play play doh! Easy enough!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Memorial Day

Memorial Day began and went as usual. We got up and headed to the 20th annual Dacula Memorial Day Parade. We got there before the race began so the roads weren't blocked off. We set our chairs where we always sit and shortly afterward Kyle and Noah joined us.... Sarah ran the race and we cheered for her as she came by.

I found this hat and thought that Micah would Love to wear it during the parade, I was wrong. Thankfully Laura liked it and decided to wear it. Everyone else liked it too... She kept getting compliments :)

Here's the gang!

Look at these sweet friends!!

We were excited to see the Rosburys and Child's World in the parade!

Just like years past, after the parade we headed to Sonny's for lunch and then spent the rest of the day at the pool. We're all so excited that Daddy was able to open the pool just in time!