Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Saturday, May 31, 2014


We were so excited to be invited to Jonathan's surprise party that he planned for himself. Little did he know his sweet parents would actually plan to throw this party…. We surprised him and had a great time celebrating Jonathan's 4th year!

1/2 pics

We didn't have a whole lot of plans during spring break this year since Patton was off one week, and Micah was off the next. I did enjoy spending some time playing with each boy individually. I knew that while the weather so beautiful, I needed to take advantage of it and play some more with my new lens. We headed out to take some 7 1/2 and 3 1/2 year old pics. I got a handful that I liked out of a TON. What sweet boys :)


Easter Egg Hunt

Although it was a little chilly for the CW Easter egg hunt this year, it was a beautiful day. Since Micah and Patton had different spring breaks, Micah was able to and was So excited to get to go to the hunt. He enjoyed helping the little people find eggs. 
Ready to go! (Look at all those Georgia Girl Designs models :)
 Here's one!
Friends forever
 Sweet Mrs. Scott

 Love Mrs. Kathy

G Day

Although we went back and forth and back and forth trying to decide whether or not to go to the G Day game this year. I had a class at the gym at 9:00, one of the toughest ever! I seriously thought I was going to throw up all day long after taking the class. Micah had a soccer game at 10:00 and the G Day game began at 1. Add in travel time and lunch, and Stacy knew that we would barely make it. Should we go or not, that was the question….. 
We decided to go. Both boys are still a little to young to enjoy a full football game that we have to PAY for, so we like to take advantage of the free ones. Both boys had a good time until half time and then they were DONE. It was SO Hot, so we decided to walk to the bookstore to cool off. 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Field Day

I have always loved field day. As a child, as a teacher, and even as a parent. I am sad that there is a lack of competition/ ribbons at BES, but that's about the only complaint that I have. Things run very smoothly, The kids stay busy the Whole day and have a blast.
Micah and his second cousin and sweet friend Alexis
 With some of his buddies. Brayden has his adenoids removed and had to miss field day :(
 Alexis taught him how to hula hoop and he was So proud!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Hat

I am a stay at home mom, toughest job ever. I own a party rental business. I have a craft business. I am now a fitness instructor. Some changes are going on at the gym. One instructor resigned, the other hasn't had a break in 2 years and has taken some personal time to be with her family. When I found out, I cried. I do not like change especially in my happy place. Through my tears I asked the instructor what was going to happen to the classes, I pay $15 for classes and she taught them all but one….. She mentioned that she had one covered but not the others. I asked "What am I going to do then?" And she said "Take the test, get certified, and YOU teach." She acted like it was nothing. I thought and thought and thought about it some more. I talked to several people and got opinions. All said "What will it hurt?" "Give it a try." I did. I took the test on a Friday night, passed, and was on the schedule for Monday morning. I am teaching classes at the gym!! Woah! I can't fit another hat on my head currently. I keep saying, nothing has changed other than that I used to pay to go to the gym, and now They pay Me. It's a little bit more than that. But I teach Spin class which planning is pretty easy, and a class called "Insane Surprise" It's very similar to a mixture of P90x and Insanity put together. High intensity for sure. That does require planning. Both classes are an hour and I feel the need to use every single minute to it's fullest. I love hard work. I want to feel that I've worked out, so I think others do too. This is what made it official.

I just have to share that I have 2 love languages, I show love through giving gifts, but I receive love through words of affirmation. I felt a lot of love during my first few days at the gym! Calls, texts, emails…. I am SO thankful for my sweet friends!

Little Soccer Knocker

I held out for organized sports as long as I could with Micah. I knew he'd be bored out of his mind in baseball, his brain is too precious for football, and although he could have tried basketball, soccer was the most logical choice for him. He LOVED soccer camp at the Y last summer so I knew he'd enjoy being on a team, but I am afraid of the Y and the more competitive side that it brings. When I learned that the church where I go to the gym offered Upwards soccer, we signed Micah up right away. I knew that they were having a hard time finding enough coaches and Stacy even mentioned coaching. That made me have bad dreams. Not that I think he'd be a bad coach. I think he'd really enjoy it, but the guy doesn't have the time. He is staying super busy with work, and although he made it to every game, he only made it to a couple of the practices. Maybe next year…. Micah's coach was a coach last year and had 2 daughters on the team. Although he didn't really do very much coaching during the games, we had an ok season. I'd have to say that Micah either had the most goals scored, or second on the team. He was Awesome! Scoring 3 goals in 2 separate games along with some others. 

 Mama and Daddy were able to make it to one of our Friday night games. We won that one thanks to our cheering section! :)

 So glad we had Alexis on our team too

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Award I fought for

This year was not my favorite year of school so far. We made it through, but I began the countdown way back in December. Micah didn't get many awards during the year, other than perfect attendance, which apparently is a Big deal in elementary school. Who knew? I thought it was when they were more flexible and it really didn't matter so much. Micah only missed 2 days this year and they were during the 2nd quarter. When I saw on the calendar that awards were coming up and I had yet to receive an invite I emailed the teacher asking about it. I explained that Micah had indeed been at school that quarter. I wondered why his report card said otherwise and what had happened. She did some checking and apologized for "clicking the wrong name" and invited me to awards. I went back and forth over wether or not I should go…. Would she be mad that I caught her mistake? Would it be crazy for me to question her and then NOT show up? I had to miss a class at the gym, but I went. Only me and 1 other parent showed up, Micah got his perfect attendance award and was proud. So I'm glad that I went :)
And I just had to share this work of art :)

The day that Patton acted like Micah….

As soon as Patton was born I knew that he was different from Micah. He LOVED to sleep, hardly ever cried, and was a go with the flow kind of baby. The older that he gets, the more Micah and his Micahisms rub off on Sweet P. They are fine and dandy separate, but put them together and it's either win or loose….. They either love or fight. Brothers will be brothers. I just have to share because I have a blog WAY back when Micah was less than 2 and did this same thing in his room during quiet time…. Except HE used permanent!