Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Field Day

When I worked at The Fort, Field Day was one of my most favorite days of the year. So I was super excited when I learned about Micah's. I put it on my calendar as soon as I had a date. The problem was, the Wednesday before field day, I got that awful, miserable, want to stay in bed and not move stomach bug. I was SO stinking sick. I hoped and prayed that I would be well enough to be able to go to the school and survive. I actually felt ok on Friday, so Patton and I planned to go. We had a great time. The weather was absolutely perfect! For some strange reason this year, Micah's school didn't sale field day t-shirts. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a t-shirt fanatic. I was sad.  I was told that Micah needed to wear a red shirt that was ok to be signed. I took it upon myself to make him a field day shirt. The first attempt was pretty pitiful, but the final one turned out more decent. 

The field day was fun, but way different than I am used to. The teachers stayed with their class during every station and pretty much ran the field day while the PE teacher roamed around. When I worked, the teachers sat under tents and drank coke while the PE teacher (and I) along with parent volunteers ran everything. The other difference was there were no winners at all. No ribbons. Nothing. Everything was just for fun. I think that it was a little sad. Even though Micah may have only gotten a ribbon or 2 all day long, I am a lover of competition! Micah loved the 100 yard dash.

And I loved his expressions on these!

Patton thought he was part of Micah's class and followed everything they did. When Ms. Greene whistled, he lined up too. He loved playing on the big playground. He had a Blast!

I could not stop laughing when Patton asked to pay my phone during the limbo. He found a place and sat down. You should have seen the children swam toward him to see the phone! 

Here's the whole gang!

And Micah with his buddy Ethan. And Ms. Duke :)

Patton (and I) made it all the way to t-shirt signing with no problems. We had a fun day.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

G Day

I was excited to be able to work out the Party Jumps schedule so that we could go to G Day this year. I still have a hard time thinking about paying full price for the boys to go to a real football game. This year we got a little bit later of a start than planned. This year we invited Aiden and she was happy to go. Our first stop was to see Russell and friends tailgating. Micah and Patton were both super excited to eat sweet treats. 

I wanted real bad to introduce Aiden to one of my favorite places, The UGA bookstore. I Love that place! Although it was extra crowded and hard to move around, both Aiden and I found new shirts :)
We had Chick-fil-a as fast as we could before heading to the stadium. There was a huge turn out, partly because of the beautiful weather. It was very sunny and Patton's eyes don't like the sun at all. He just broke his sunglasses last week, so he spent most of the game hiding his eyes. 

Micah was just Micah like. He moved from seat to seat, from person to person, from rail to rail. Thankfully our section was small and not too crowded. 

We stayed at the game until the 3rd quarter. Micah wanted to see the fountain really bad, so we decided to take a walk down town. 

We went into a couple of shops and stopped by a festival to get some balloons before heading to the truck. By this time, Patton was slap worn out. 

And as soon as we got to the truck, he was out like a light. What a fun day. We are so glad that Aiden could join us. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013


Easter morning we went to church. We have been going to Bethlehem Church for several months now. We have really enjoyed it and know a lot of people who go there. I really like how casual it is. I like that when I wear khakis I am one of the most dressed up people there. Although I didn't get any pictures before church, the boys wore the same clothes for bunny pics and were super cute.

After church ran home, grabbed my mac and cheese and headed went to meet Laura. She hitched a ride with us. Everything was going smoothly until about half way to the country. Patton started acting really strange, and I was SURE that he needed to use the bathroom, but he said he didn't. He whined and was pitiful. Long story short, he wet his pants, :( so both he and I ended up changing before we had any family pictures taken :(

Patton LOVED the cupcakes!

After lunch and visiting, Cary took most of the kids away for the Gator ride, a few kids stayed and played on the play set. As soon as I was finished hiding my eggs, this is what came walking up to me! He found some dirt and some water..... What a mess he was!

I tried to change him as quickly as I could, but ended up not finishing in time. Stacy watched the beginning of the hunt and attempted to take some pics for me :)

Not even 2 minutes after the hunt began, it began to rain. The hunt was quick, and everyone was W E T. Everyone counted their eggs so that we could see who won. Patton was Most proud of his train in his prize egg!

The prize table was full of fun things!

Paw-Paw was so happy with his prize!

And to end the day.... Patton wasn't the only one who found mud.  Right before we left, MIcah came to me looking like this! What is it with those Robinson boys and mud?! I'm thankful for brown clothes :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

Egg Hunt #3

When I was contacted 2 months ago about doing some inflatables for Chick-fil-a's 1st annual Helicopter Egg Drop, I told Stacy that even if we didn't get the job that I Really Really wanted to go. Chick-fil-a actually partnered with a local church who already has a relationship with another inflatable company, so we didn't get the job, but we did go on Saturday. We got there at 1:15, the gates didn't open until 2, and there was already a line. I saw Ashley who is the Chick-fil-a marketing director for our local store. She stopped to tell me that not only did 2,000 pre-register, but they were expecting an additional 3,000 people. She said "Next year, we'll not only use this company's stuff, but we'll get ALL of your's too!" 2 1/2 inflatables was not nearly enough for 5,000 people. That place was packed! We waited for 45 minutes to get in the gate and MIcah and Patton were both very well behaved during the wait. 

Once we got in we were in awe of all of the eggs. There were over 30,000 eggs! Micah slid down the slide a couple of times. 

We walked around and ended up bumping into several friends, including Micah's friend Hailey. I just had to take a pic. This Hailey is such a sweet girl.

We headed to the bleachers to wait patiently for the helicopter. 

It finally came. The actual dropping of the eggs was SO neat! 

When all of the eggs/ parachuting cows had landed safely they sent us to the different fields. I went with Micah, and Stacy went with Patton. Again. Micah did a great job during the hunt. He was so quick and picked up the eggs so stinking fast.  We all had a great time. It was a fun fun day!