Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Egg Hunt #2

All of the kindergartners at Micah's school got to have an egg hunt on Friday afternoon. Friday was also Stacy's birthday and he had the day off. We spent the day truck cd player shopping for him. Before I knew it it was time to head to the school. Since Patton was so tired, I left him home napping with Stacy and I headed to the school alone. Although Micah was visibly tired he was so excited about the egg hunt. 

The limit was 10 eggs per child, and Micah was done before anyone. It took him about 30 seconds. I was impressed and sure that he would do well at the other hunts. 

Micah and Hailey B and his sweet SRO :)

Easter Egg Hunt #1

Oh My Goodness! We attended a lot of egg hunts this year. The first one was on Wednesday, one of the Coldest days of the week! Heather texted us a couple of weeks ago inviting us to the Child's World hunt. I was SO excited and told Patton all about it (in secret) I knew Micah would be upset. I find that we tend to do a lot of fun things during the day while he's at school. I know, he had his time before he began school, but I didn't have a whole lot of friends with children his age. Now my friends have toddlers coming out their ears, so Patton and I stay pretty busy. Back to the egg hunt. We met at Heather's and all loaded up in the van, bundled up as much as possible, we headed to Ms. Scott's house. I was SO stinking excited to see all of my old Child's World friends. They were excited to include some of us in their upcoming class. They even had bunny ears for the boys! How cute!!

I am So thankful for not only old friends, but new friends too!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Busy day

We had bunny pictures a couple of weeks ago. We still haven't gotten them back, but I because I was so pleased with the way both Patton and Micah behaved during pictures, I thought I would try to take some myself. After loading them in the car, I told them that they could both have their gummy snacks (not candy, since Micah can not have candy until he's 7) if they would let me take a couple of pictures of them. I found a shady spot and this is what I got. They are far from perfect, but I was quite pleased if I do say so myself. 

After pics we tried to find a gift for Riley that I had a HARD time finding. I had already tried multiple Toys R Us', Target, and even Walmart..... I thought we would give TJ Maxx a shot. We were unsuccessful, but Patton's day was made :) I had him an outfit and was working on this canvas. 

We all had a great time at his party. Amber did a great job planning it. It was a perfect Hungry Caterpillar party. Micah was well behaved and even helped run the art center. Amber and Trey were both pleased with him :) Riley seemed to have a great time and loved having all of his favorite people in the same place at the same time. 

 After we left the party we had just enough time to run home and change the boys before going to dinner. We headed to Top Dawg Tavern, a new resturunt near our house. They opened on the 4th and Patton had BIG plans to go. He wanted Mama and Daddy to go too. So we invited them and ended up not inly enjoying our food, but the company too :) 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fun on the Farm

We had to miss the February lunch at the farm, so I told Daphne that no matter what we'd be at the March lunch. Patton freshly potty trained was having tummy issues, but we went anyway. He ended up doing fine other than the fact that between Stacy and me, we probably took him to the bathroom 30+ times. The day was beautiful so we decided to take a walk to the creek after lunch. It's so peaceful in the country. We all enjoyed the walk and got to chat a little bit. 

Looking for beaver dams. 

Micah stayed too busy for pics, but I got some sweet ones of Stacy and Patton :)

Daddy was brave enough to ride the gator with Paw-Paw. 

Patton Loved the gator, but wasn't interested in riding back to the house with Paw-Paw. The big kids wanted to ride though.


We had intersession last week. Mama invited Micah to spend the night with her in the country on Sunday night, so he spent Monday with her. I ran some errands in the am and spent the afternoon working on vinyl projects at home. Micah came home in time to go to Taekwondo. Tuesday morning we got up and got moving. I had to meet someone to drop off a plate at Hebron. I chatted for a while while the boys stayed in the van. I (thought I) left it cranked and left the driver's side door open while I stood right beside it. When I went to leave, I realized that I didn't leave it cranked, and it wouldn't crank :( My dear sweet Daddy came and jumped me off. Afraid I might be stranded again, I headed home. I asked Stacy to get me another battery on his way home. He did, but when he attempted to change it on Tuesday night, he discovered that I needed a new battery terminal. I couldn't drive again on Wednesday. Wednesday night he tried to change the terminal, but after cutting off the bad wire, it was too short to do anything with :( I put my roadside assistance to use on Thursday morning and had my van towed to Cary's shop. He had it fixed by the afternoon and Laura took me to pick it up. We had a ton of things to buy to get ready for Pi day. We have been looking at buying another vehicle for close to a year now. And being that my poor van has just been having issue after issue, and that Party Jumps is in full spring, we decided that we needed to look more seriously. I miss having a back up vehicle, especially on a week that Micah is off of school! I had a handful of ideas of things to do with him, but we did them all very quickly, being that we couldn't go anywhere.  We did spend a lot of time outside when it wasn't freezing my bones off, or raining. And one day, Courtney and Sarah both came to visit, and that was fun. Overall, not that bad of a week.....Spring Break is just around the corner.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pi Day

We were so thankful that Pi day fell during Intersession so that we could have time to prepare. We planned all kinds of fun games, pizza pie, chicken pot pie, and prizes. We all gathered at Laura's for the celebration of not only Pi, but also PIE! Lots and Lots of PIE!

Laura was SO organized. Complete with a score sheet!

After the indoor game of counting as many circles as you could in 3 minutes,  we began Pin the cherry on the pie. Micah did awesome at this!

Then we played Toss the cherry in the pie. 

After that it was over under with a Jello Pie. That was fun!

We had a Pie walk. All winners received an oatmeal cream pie. 

We took a break and ate before beginning the second half of the competition. We had Pie throwing

Blindfolded Pie feeding. 

Pie eating which got very funny!

Then it was time for the winners to be announced.  Micah won for the little people. 

Aiden for the medium. She also won the Grand prize of the jeweled Pie Server!

I won for the next group. And Mama won the oldest group.