Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 3

Not surprisingly at all everyone was up and ready to go bright and early 7:00 Saturday morning. We were some of the very first people on the beach.... the ONLY children! We played, played, and played all morning. 

The weather was perfect, and the beach was not crowded at all, but we had plans for lunch so we played until 11:30 and then after showering we headed to The Crab Shack for lunch. I LOVED the atmosphere, but the food was just ok. Stacy loved his though. There was an alligator pond in the front that we enjoyed watching for a while, and lots of cats wandered around the property. It was really fun. 

After such a fun filled and busy morning, I was hoping that people would enjoy a nice little afternoon rest.... Boy was I wrong. Both boys were wound up crazy like. Neither could close their mouths. So instead of wasting the afternoon Trying to make them rest, I thought we should go ahead and go to the Lighthouse. Micah was SO excited to be able to see the lighthouse up close. He had told me that he couldn't wait to touch it. I was sure that he would do great climbing the over 170 stairs, but Patton was a different story. Patton would rather be held than walk most anytime..... especially while climbing stairs. Therefore while I tried my best to keep up with the never slowing Micah, Stacy carried Sweet P the whole way up! 

When we made it to the top we were met by a couple about to go down. The lady acted very stressed that we needed to stay away from the rails. She was very scared for herself, and so that made her scared for us too. Micah the boy of little or no fear was fine. We walked around, enjoyed the views, and Micah chose the house that he'd like to buy :) Then we headed down to tour the property and the museum across the street. 

We again bumped into the couple from the top of the lighthouse and chatted with them for a few minutes. Come to find out she was very scared of heights (not surprised) She was impressed that Micah did so well without being scared. The day was so beautiful we enjoyed walking around for a bit before heading to supper. We decided to try Uncle Bubba's which was Paula Deen's cousin's place. When we got there it was packed! I was thinking there would be a crazy long wait but when I was told 20-30 I thought that would be fine. There was a sweet little gift shop that we hung out in until we we called. And we saw our lighthouse friends Again! We ended up chatting with them the whole time! They were from Charleston and were so nice. Of course the food was good and we found out where Paula Deen lives thanks to our friends..... After we finished, we headed to see her house which sadly was gated so that we couldn't get in and ask for dessert :(
I hoped to have some family pics on the beach that evening, but due to a rain shower we missed our chance..... So we called it a night.

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