Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Friday, February 1, 2013

Fun ending to a fun week

Micah has been asking me to come do something with his class for about two weeks now, but I have been so busy. I decided that I would go this week. I asked Ms. Greene if I could come today and she said yes. I asked Aiden to stay with Patton because due to security reasons, siblings aren't allowed to come with parents when they volunteer. She was so excited to watch Patton while he was actually awake. 
After dropping Aiden off at the house, I headed to the school with supplies in hand. I brought materials for them to make Marshmallow snowmen with candy accessories. 

They turned out super cute, and the children were proud and loved them. They also loved the fact that after they were finished decorating their snowmen, I let the eat a little of the supplies:) I sure do Love compliments and one sweet little girl told me "I wish you were my mom." What a sweet thing to say!

 After crafting with the class, I headed home. I took Aiden home and came back to the house where Stacy was waiting to go out to lunch. We decided to go to a local Mexican place. We sat down, ordered drinks and cheese dip. Then my phone rang. I thought it was a moonwalk call and that I would just call them back after having lunch. I listened to the message. It was not about a moonwalk. It was the nurse from Micah's school. He was sick. I apologized to the waitress and we ran to the school. Poor Micah was as pale as could be and was covered in throw up. The nurse let me know that she had 4 kids from his class in the clinic and that Micah "Decorated the 1st grade bathroom." Micah laid on the couch ALL afternoon and didn't say much. He cried a little, and ended up throwing up 3 more times. 

He said that the nurse told him he couldn't have ice cream if he was sick. I wasn't sure where in the world where that came from.... Until I heard from his teacher tonight. She said that 5 ended up having to be checked out and that they were going to have to "bomb" their classroom. She said that he was in his first grade reading class when he started to feel sick and that he told the teacher that he "shouldn't throw up because he was vaccinated." What an interesting thing to say. And the other thing about ice cream was because the 2 time delayed "Kindness Citations" were supposed to be today. That is for children who have done good things to go eat ice cream with the principal. Ms. Greene let me know that the principal said that Micah could come to the next one. How sweet is that?!  
Micah finally thought that he could try to eat something around 6:00. As soon as he ate, he was back to his wild crazy self. He got loud, started playing, and jumping all over the place. Hoping he continues to be well over night and that the rest of us stay well too. 

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