Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day #2

Today was a whole lot easier than yesterday as far as potty training goes. We were even in the car for an hour, going to pick up Stacy's truck and coming home. Patton stayed dry! He only had 2 accidents today, and it would be awfully mean of me to blame them on Stacy, but both were kind of his fault. The first was shortly before lunch time. I asked Stacy to take Patton to the bathroom. Patton told him "I already went." So Stacy didn't take him. Patton proceeded to go in the floor 2 minutes later.... :( I was sad.  Stacy felt bad too. Stacy thought that after such a LONG day at home yesterday that we might like a trip to Costco for lunch. Although that goes against everything with the 3 day method (we were supposed to stay home the whole 3 days) who turns down a Costco trip? Not me, we went. As soon as we got there, Patton and I headed for the bathroom. Even though I thought Patton would have to go, he pretty much refused. I thought, maybe he doesn't really have to go and we went to order our food. Right in the middle of lunch, he wet his pants :( Thankfully I did have back up. I do think that the second day with only 2 accidents is not bad at all, and both could have been avoided. He missed his nap today, so while Stacy took Micah to Taekwondo, Patton got to go to bed early. He is one sweet baby boy if I do say so myself. Here's to NO accidents tomorrow!

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