Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My day

Although I always look forward to having a potty trained child, I DREAD every last second of the actual training. Thankfully my dear sweet cousin let me know (when Micah was 2) about "Potty training the 3 day method" Micah was trained in 2 days. I began Day One with Patton today. The trick with this method is, I stay near him ALL day long forcing liquids on him constantly. I set a timer and took him every 10-15 minutes to the bathroom. Sometimes he went, sometimes he didn't. His treat for going was 2 m&ms he could choose the colors :) For 3 days I will not leave my house, other than if I have to take or pick up Micah from school. I got lucky today and will again tomorrow, Stacy is off. Not good news being that we're having to dish out $1100 to fix his truck, but wonderful news for Patton's training. He actually did unbelievably well today. He was/ is not excited about potty training at all, but being that he HAS to be trained to start school next year, it's better now than never. He only had 3 accidents all day long which is wonderful, the first one was literally Right after I put his underwear on him :( Potty training is exhausting!!

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