Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Saturday, February 23, 2013

In the car

Micah talks ALL of the time. Seriously, unless the boy is sleeping, he is talking. I sure do enjoy the rare occasion when Micah sleeps during the day. He took a nap during his break, and I just had to take some pictures of my sweet sleeping boy. 

Micah cracks me up. I have been trying to keep track of silly things that he says. Just last week he had some interesting conversations in the car with Patton. The first one went a little like this... "Patton, there's Dominos. We don't eat Dominos because we don't know if the meat is really meat, it may be rat poop or roaches or something."
-Not sure where that came from!
"Patton, when you get big will your girlfriend drink your blood?" -What in the world?!
"Patton, you know we don't eat at McDonald's, but they have a Big playground. It is SO big, do you see how big that is? You know that means it has more boogers on it!" 

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