Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Orange Belt

Micah began Taekwondo a month before testing. They test for new belts once every two months, so neither the teacher nor I thought that Micah would be ready to test. I didn't get the patch sewn on his uniform, or purchase his sparring gear. I paid NO attention to the times, dates etc of anything test related. I was quite surprised last week when the teacher told me that Micah was ready to be tested. He was prepared, I was not. I took his uniform to the dry cleaners and was told that we could just borrow sparring gear. Micah was so excited and told everyone about it. This was Major to him. He was super proud. I was super nervous.... Much more so than him! 
Here he is in his last white belt pose. 

"As a Tiny Tiger, I will be a good helper pleasing Jesus everyday."

Sparring Micah. 

"Sir, my name is Micah, may I break my board?" (Look at his face!)

Having his orange belt presented. 

The testing group with the judges. 

Proud Mama and Daddy!

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