Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Monday, February 4, 2013

100th Day

I was So excited to learn about the 100th day of school celebration, probably more excited that Micah. As soon I could, I started preparing for the BIG day. There was going to be a carnival in the Kindergarten hallway, and the children were supposed to dress up like they were 100 years old! I volunteered to help run games and bought Micah some black dress shoes. He has 2 brown pair, but an old man needs some black shoes. I message my sweet friend Amie asking her if there was any way that she could make me some super cute suspenders and a bow tie. I had big plans for my little man. I asked Stacy to make Micah a walker and we colored his hair (it didn't work really well... maybe his hair is too dark?)  I spent $3 on hair color, $15 on black dress shoes, $20 on suspenders and bow tie, and $30 on a walker. But this picture is absolutely PRICELESS!

I decided to walk in the school with Micah because I wanted a picture of him and Ms. Greene. Little did I know all of the teachers that we passed also wanted pics of/ with him ;) I think he was quite happy with the reactions. I was so worried that he wouldn't cooperate, boy I was wrong!

I really liked the idea of this sweet pail that I found on Pinterest. I wanted to make it for Teacher Appreciation week, but then I wondered what the point would be right before school was out, so I decided to give it for the 100th day. I think it turned out kind of cute. 

Here are the other friends in the class who dressed up. How cute are those little girls!?

After dropping Micah off, I headed to Mama's to drop Patton off. Due to security, volunteers are asked to not bring siblings..... Not that I would have wanted to anyway. I came back home and changed into warmer clothes (I was SO cold) before heading back to the school. I got there and checked in. The lady behind the desk asked for my ID. I explained that I left it in the car and that I didn't think I needed it unless I was checking someone out. She explained that everyone who comes into the school must show lDs now. That is fine. I just had to run out and get it, in the cold. I got it and was heading back into the school when I realized that I locked my keys in the car :( How awful. How sad. I just kept my fingers crossed that the SRO had something to help me. Stacy was NOwhere close, Mama had no way to come to me being that I didn't leave her a car seat for P. I went back into the school, showed her my ID and told her what happened. She thought Ms. Frieda probably had something to help me too..... She didn't. I was sad, but what else can you do. We don't have AAA, although now thinking about it, I should have just asked some teachers until I found someone who did, and ask them if I could use theirs.....
Oh well, we just need to bite the bullet and get AAA, I guess. Meanwhile I called this guy at a local lock and key place. He came and $55 later, I was back in business. This was quite an expensive event huh?

I was only missing for the carnival for 5 minutes, and came back to find this sweet sweet boy. 

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