Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Award I fought for

This year was not my favorite year of school so far. We made it through, but I began the countdown way back in December. Micah didn't get many awards during the year, other than perfect attendance, which apparently is a Big deal in elementary school. Who knew? I thought it was when they were more flexible and it really didn't matter so much. Micah only missed 2 days this year and they were during the 2nd quarter. When I saw on the calendar that awards were coming up and I had yet to receive an invite I emailed the teacher asking about it. I explained that Micah had indeed been at school that quarter. I wondered why his report card said otherwise and what had happened. She did some checking and apologized for "clicking the wrong name" and invited me to awards. I went back and forth over wether or not I should go…. Would she be mad that I caught her mistake? Would it be crazy for me to question her and then NOT show up? I had to miss a class at the gym, but I went. Only me and 1 other parent showed up, Micah got his perfect attendance award and was proud. So I'm glad that I went :)
And I just had to share this work of art :)

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