Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Spirit Week

Although I was super nervous at the change in administration at Micah's school, we couldn't have been more pleased! LOVE the AP and the new principal is FUN! There were several things throughout the year that were done differently this year than last. For example Spirit Week. I'm guessing that this wasn't done last year due to the fact that they were trying so hard to keep people in uniforms. Since there were no uniforms this year, the fun returned. Although Micah participated in every single thing every single day, that was not true of the majority of his class…. That was sad to me, only 3-4 kids participated…. to each their own. At least Micah (and I had fun)
Micah has NEVER left the house with his hair unfixed, SO on Wacky Wednesday we went ALL out! ;) We have to go see Ms. Greene :)

 Cat in the Hat day had a few participants :)

 And Book character day. I made Micah's Thing shirt, not bad eh?
Things P and E. PE teacher and Parapro. Just a few of our favs.

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