Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Little Soccer Knocker

I held out for organized sports as long as I could with Micah. I knew he'd be bored out of his mind in baseball, his brain is too precious for football, and although he could have tried basketball, soccer was the most logical choice for him. He LOVED soccer camp at the Y last summer so I knew he'd enjoy being on a team, but I am afraid of the Y and the more competitive side that it brings. When I learned that the church where I go to the gym offered Upwards soccer, we signed Micah up right away. I knew that they were having a hard time finding enough coaches and Stacy even mentioned coaching. That made me have bad dreams. Not that I think he'd be a bad coach. I think he'd really enjoy it, but the guy doesn't have the time. He is staying super busy with work, and although he made it to every game, he only made it to a couple of the practices. Maybe next year…. Micah's coach was a coach last year and had 2 daughters on the team. Although he didn't really do very much coaching during the games, we had an ok season. I'd have to say that Micah either had the most goals scored, or second on the team. He was Awesome! Scoring 3 goals in 2 separate games along with some others. 

 Mama and Daddy were able to make it to one of our Friday night games. We won that one thanks to our cheering section! :)

 So glad we had Alexis on our team too

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