Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Gym FUN!

I knew as soon as Patton began CW last fall that I would be able to go to the gym more often. I. unlike a lot of people enjoy working out. So I joined Anytime Fitness. I think it's one of the cleaner of the gyms that I've been to. I went every Mon-Wed as soon as I dropped Patton off. Then I discovered that a church 5 minutes from my house has a fitness center complete with childcare and unlimited classes for $15 a month. Although I kept my membership at Anytime, as soon as I discovered the "Church gym" I was in love! I have been there since September and have made so many new friends that will be forever friends. I have invited everyone that I talk to on a regular basis and some that I don't even know. 
There is a funny story that my friend Suzanne tells. I had never met her before but had heard wonderful things about her. She married my old friend Mitchell. She says "I met Miriam at the fair and the first thing she said was "Do you go to a gym?" First of all I think it's hilarious that that's EXACTLY how it happened. We were walking into the fair and I saw Mitchell. I had to go hug him and when I did I introduced myself to his wife, realized that she a then little baby and thought that maybe she'd like to come to the church gym with me….. since they offer childcare and all :) She joined, likes it… Spin is her favorite. 
I take almost every morning class that they offer with the exception of "stretch it out" and yoga. I take kickboxing, insane cardio, insane strength, spin, and have even discovered that I have a LOVE of Zumba. 
I LOVE a good competition so, the weighted wall squat was right up my ally. We finally called it a tie with 60 seconds holding 345 lbs. 

 And the weighted plank…. Not my best, I'm not a good planker, but I did it.
 Sometimes I can make Saturday mornings and sometimes I can't, but this Saturday in particular, I will never forget…. Only beside my first class with Ashley that I felt like I was going to throw up ALL.DAY.LONG. This one was fun but SO HARD. At the beginning of the class we chose a partner. Peter and I take weekday mornings together most days, so we were partners. We took turns with the exercises and running. For example I would start out running the length of the gym back and forth while Peter did 10 push ups. Then he ran while I did 10 push ups. Then I tagged him, his turn again. He did 10 pushups and then 10 right leg step ups while I ran….. So on and so forth, we were doing something All Of The Time. No breaks at all! By the end of the hour Peter and I had 302 times that we ran from one end of the gym to the other! We didn't win, I think we got second place, but we were SO tired!! It was a Great workout, hence the pics ;)

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