Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

2nd Annual Pi Day Celebration

We had another Pi Day Celebration this year since last year's was! We ended up with 15 pies I think, several pizza, chicken pot pie, you name it…..We planned to play the same games this year with points added at the end to determine the winners of the 3 age groups. Laura who hosts, organizes, and rates the points was not feeling well at all. Being so new in the pregnancy was rough on her. Although we got a later start than we had planned everyone had a great time and left with full tummies and happy hearts.
I made t-shirts for the winners

 Pies Pies and more PIES!
 The Pi prizes, everything was circle shaped
 Who can draw the best circle free hand

 Jerms' Favorite "Spin Spin Spin Spin. Where will you place the cherry on the pie?"

 Cake walk

 Pie feeding
 Pie eating
 Adult winner!
 Child winner!
 Patton cried and cried…. He thought he was going to win!
 Middle and young winners checking out their shirts :)

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