Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Christmas Day

Just like every other morning, Micah woke us all up super early on Christmas morning. We hopped up and I took a picture of our sweet boys in their pjs before showers.
We had a wonderful Christmas morning filled with excitement and smiles. Micah's list this year was a mile long and included things like a magic set (He got a lot of magic things from Hannah) a microscope, a globe, a lot of books, learning things like that, and Legos. He got the majority of things that he asked for. He was ecstatic to get the Lego Octane set that he'd been asking for since the summer. He even spent the entire afternoon working on it and completed it all. by. himself!

Patton's list was much like himself, short and simple. He asked for a camelback water bottle, a toothbrush (both blue) and some new cowboy boots. Of course he received all of those things plus some train tracks, books and clothes. 

I got Stacy some wireless headphones and an iPod classic. I think he was pretty pleased :)

I had a really hard time coming up with anything that I needed or wanted this year, so I asked for a small car like a Honda that would be good on gas milage for all of my driving, it was mostly a joke. I also asked for a new lens for my camera. I got a lens. I LOVE it. I still have a TON to learn, I normally just keep my camera on automatic, but I'm trying to learn more. Patton didn't want me to practice on him, but Micah was ok :)

After opening gifts, and having breakfast we played for a while before heading over to Laura's for the family celebration. We began with the Gingerbread house competition. I had big plans for a beautiful castle this year….. The first try didn't go as planned and I ran out of time. I was almost embarrassed to even take it, but as I told Stacy "It's better to submit an unfinished project than to not submit one at all." Laura's won for the adults and you can sneak a peek of mine in the back ground. Micah was SO excited to win for the little kids!

While the judging was taking place I had Jerms teach me a little about my new lens. I practiced a little, then it was time for gifts. 

I was so excited to give the Rosburys a family gift of shirts with their family verse on them. 
Rowan loved his mask. 
We had lunch, visited for a while and headed home for a relaxing afternoon which ended with Chinese and going to bed early. 

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