Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Friday, January 10, 2014


Here are just a few of the most recent interesting things that Micah has come up with.......

Micah: I want to try to win tickets to the BBQ thing!
Me: I won't be able to go, I have to work this weekend.
Micah: Thats ok, Daddy will take me. And You don't even like BBQ.
Me: I do! I like Dickey's, Sonny's.....
Micah: No I'm talking about real BBQ like the kind from South America or Kentucky.

On Making sense......

Do popcorn air poppers still make sense?
Would it make any sense to call 5555555555?
A blue spider does make sense, but it's very rare.
An acorn woodpecker does make sense.
You know a flying snake does make sense.
Does The Taco Stand still make sense?
Daddy, do flying roaches make sense?
It's so cold it says 32 degrees. Does 5 degrees make sense?
I know triple knots don't make sense, but I made one anyway.

Look out now!!!

Micah: I wish I were a black person!
Me: why Micah?
Micah: So that I could be like that guy on reading rainbow!

Micah "I think I'll be in a museum when I grow up. You know they'll probably make a statue of me. "
Me "oh yeah?"
Micah "Yeah you know I'm an inventor. I come up with new things all of the time!"

Hearing "away in a manger" Micah said "See this is the real meaning of Christmas! This is a non fiction song. Most songs are fiction. But this one is the real story!"

Micah has recently decided that maybe he won't be a restaurant owner after all. He's thinking something in the public service field. Maybe a policeman, SWAT guy, or a fireman, but after getting an oil change last week he changed his mind AGAIN. After we left the oil change place I realized that the guy forgot to reset the computer in my truck. I knew it was an easy fix, so I called and asked him to walk me through it. After I got off off of the phone Micah said with excitement "I'll probably just be an oil change guy. Pressing the gas is much easier than shooting out fires and getting sprayed with pepper spray!!"

Man this guy keeps us on our toes. At least he can make us laugh every once in a while! :)

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