Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Micah's Christmas Party

I was excited to be able to be asked to help out with the first grade Christmas Carnival this year. Little did I know what all it might involve. I was asked to come to a grade level meeting where I learned that they would like to use several of Party Jumps things. I brought 2 games and 2 concessions. Other than unloading and loading all of the equipment by myself, the only other issue would be making sure there were enough people to help me make 150 servings of cotton candy, and popcorn before the carnival time. Again, I was nervous. Micah's teacher send email after email home asking for volunteers. I think it's just hit or miss with this school. One teacher let me know that she was sure that she's have at least 2, maybe 3 people to help out. Thank goodness, because there is NO way that one person could have managed it all. Not only were these teachers looking for volunteers before the carnival to help get ready/ set up, but they also needed volunteers to help run the games. I let them know straight up that I would NOT be helping during the party. Out of 150 students we ended up having 7 morning parent volunteers! But that was more than enough, because we got it all done with almost an hour to spare. It wasn't enough time to leave and go eat, or go to Target so I just hung at the school and visited with my favorite Greene. The kindergarden had just finished their party so it was perfect timing. I met a kind mama of one of her students and even had a little guy draw a pic of me. It looks JUST like me huh?!

After hanging out for a while it was time for the first grade carnival to begin. I headed that was ready for some fun.  I just followed Micah around and watched him make snowflakes, shoot basketballs, make snowmen, eat cotton candy and even do a cake walk. Most of the children were finished with all of the activities within 30-45 minutes, so just as planned I packed up and hit the road. Ready for a nice long break!

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