Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Friday, January 10, 2014

A Beary Merry Holiday

I was SO excited to learn that the first grade was going to do the Christmas musical at the school this year. I asked Micah if he wanted to participate and he said yes. I was even more excited to learn that he got a part as a "rapping bear." We were told to dress him in all brown and chains, hats etc were a great addition. Believe it our not I had a difficult time finding a brown sweat suit. I looked and looked. Then I looked some more. I check online, but couldn't even find anything. I told Stacy that I was having a hard time and he said he'd try to keep his eye out as well. He finally found an outfit at Walmart. Rapper chains and bear ears from Party City. $30 later, we had a brown rapper bear. But oh may isn't he cute?!
As soon as I found out about the musical I invited the whole fam. I figured they might like to see my sweet rapping bear. I figured one of two things, there wouldn't be very many people at the show, or it would be packed. We were supposed to have our children at the school by 6 for a 6:30 musical. We got the at 5:45 just in case….. I was hoping for front row seats. I found out from the sweet music teacher where Micah would be sitting and I tried to sit accordingly. Do to other issues, Laura couldn't come. Half of the Rosburys were sick, but Mama and Daddy ended up coming and bringing a couple of cousins. Micah did a GREAT job, and was a Stinking Cute Bear. If only I could include a video….. 

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