Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How you feeling?

HOT HOT HOT!!! For 1 week our house has been HOT! We have Always doubted the actual usage of insulation in our house. But over the past week our air conditioner decided to stop working. I was sure that it just needed it's yearly dose of freon. I called my air guy, he had some guys come and look at it last week and they determined that it wasn't just a freon issue this time, but the compressor needed to be replaced :( Thankfully though they said after I replaced that for $800 the actual unit itself would be fine. The earliest they would be able to fix it would be the end of this week. I was stinking HOT. The temperatures inside our house were between 83-87 around the clock with a small window unit and box fans in Every room. I woke up at night Soaking wet. Miserable can hardly begin to describe it. I totally considered staying with the rents until the situation was taken care of, but Micah has been going to soccer camp this week. He has been exhausted and  I knew that he'd sleep better and later in his own bed than elsewhere. Sleep is VERY important for that boy! Anyway, when I told Daddy what the first air guys said, he suggested that I call Ed who just replaced one of the units at his house. So I did. He came on Monday and was here ALL day long. He, just like the first guys was under the impression that it was the compressor. I prepared to spend $800 to have it replaced, until right before he left and we heard a quiet leaking sound. Long story short the unit had to be replaced. I have been stressed, stressed, stressed. But we did it. Today was the day. After a week of living in my own personal sauna..... It's out with the old and in with the new. We've upgraded our unit and are hoping to save some money too :)

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