Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Friday, June 21, 2013

More fun

Saturday morning bright and early both boys woke up and were ready to Go to The Beach! Again, just like before we were some of the first people out. The morning was perfect. After a short walk everyone played and played. We ALL Love the beach! 

We played until lunch time, then we visited our hotel restaurant Dolphin Reef. We had a nice view of the beach and enjoyed our server. He was hilarious and kept us laughing most of the time. 
After lunch we took a short drive down the road to visit Fort Pulaski. I am not a lover of history things, but I knew that not only MIcah, but Stacy would LOVE the fort as well. And since we didn't have time the first trip I knew that we should make it a priority this time. We got there around 1 and gave ourselves 2 1/2 hours to visit. I knew that the boys could have made it a lot longer, but it was Stinking HOT for such a tour. What a difference 3 weeks could make in Savannah weather! 
It was neat to learn all about the history of the fort and get to walk all around the inside, top and bottom. It was Really neat to watch the soldiers do the gun explanation, and even more fun to see the cannons. We all enjoyed ourselves but after 2 1/2 hours were ALL ready to go. 

After visiting the fort, we ran back to the hotel, cleaned our sweat off, put on clean clothes and headed to dinner. We got to eat at The Lady and Sons again, loved it again. Micah wanted to go to the toy store SO bad, but I couldn't remember for the life of me where it was. He kept saying "It is near Mason." Whatever that meant? We wandered down several streets since we got to Savannah earlier than we expected, and Micah got SO excited when he saw a sign that said Mason. He said "We're going the right way! This is where the toy store is!" Sure enough we found that toy store with a gigantic turtle in it (the pic is still on my phone) We hung out in there for a while. Stacy and Micah kept busy trying out all kinds of different and interesting toys. We ended the night with ice cream and a walk on the beach. Ahhhhh I love the vacation life.

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