Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What an afternoon

The weather was not the best this afternoon. I received several calls from the school today updating me on afternoon plans. The last call I got, told me that due to the awful weather and the fact that buses are not made for driving in such conditions that they were keeping the bus riders at school until the weather got better. That was fine because MIcah is a car rider anyway. The man on the recording said that car riders would be released as usual. I totally understand that the lady who writes down the children's names didn't want to be out in the weather, but I thought people would drive through the line like normal, and 2-3 kids would be loaded under the shelter. I figured that it would take longer, but not over an hour! I showed up to the school the same time I do every day and sat, and sat, and sat some more. I began to see people getting out of their cars and going into the school, they came out with children. I began to think the only way that I would ever get MIcah was if I went inside and checked him out. The problem was I had Patton and Riley in the car and it was POURING down rain. I decided to stick it out in double lines of people trying to pick up their children. 
Finally. Finally the cars started to move, slowly but surely. I turned my key and nothing happened. I wondered if I had left it cranked the entire time. I turned the key the other way to turn the car off. It didn't turn off. I tried again to crank my car. NOTHING :( I had babies, it was storming, everyone had been waiting for what seemed like forever, and my car died right there in line :( I seriously almost started crying right then and there, but instead, I got out of my car and let the man behind me know that I wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. This sweet sweet man asked me what was wrong. I told him that I couldn't get my car to crank. He came to my car and told me it was the battery. He told me that he had a "jumper box" in his car. He quickly jumped my car off and we were good to go. What a blessing!! 
Now my car is cranked, and I am SOAKED, the cars sloooowwwwly pulled around to the front of the school. I pulled smack in the front of the school and ran inside. I saw the sweet music teacher, I told him that I had to leave my car running and that I had 2 babies inside. I was so afraid someone would hop in and take off. I offered him money to sit in my car until I had MIcah. He told me that He would go get MIcah and that I could go back to my car. Blessing times 2. Minus the way the parents couldn't figure out how to drive this afternoon through the line, I think the actual school did a great job. Now just hoping my car will crank tomorrow. Micah. Needs. School. What a day!

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