Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Funny Patton

Yesterday afternoon we went to Laura's basketball game. Micah really enjoys them and he was extra excited that half of his cousins came too. 

The game was a blowout. They lost really bad, but we had a nice visiting session. Micah's teacher's daughter  is a cheerleader, so Ms. Greene came for the boy's game and sat with us. Have I mentioned how much I really Love her?! Before the game began and during the first few minutes of the game Patton wandered from row to row (not many people come to watch the girls.) He was enjoying himself until..... The Wildcat came out! 

We had never seen the wildcat, but Patton was scared. He Does not like people in costumes. He doesn't like animals of any type or size either. I can't help but laugh, and had to explain that last week at the Gymdogs, I tried to have his pic taken with some of the cheerleaders. He would have NOTHING to do with them. Micah was proud to pose with them.... 

But it was then that I decided that (and I told everyone) Patton doesn't like characters, animals, or Hot Chicks. Everyone laughed. We watched the game for a minute or so before hearing Patton say something. I had to ask him again what he said, he said "I do like hot chicks." LOL I can't help it! What a sweet sweet boy!

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