Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Last week Paw-Paw turned 88!! We had a birthday party for him on Sunday. Daddy went to pick him up and apparently woke him up. He was not happy to have been woken up, and complained that his throat hurt. Daddy couldn't even talk him into coming to his own party :( We ate, played, and had cake anyway. We sang to all of the other family members there that were celebrating January birthdays.

I took pictures of 6 of the 8 siblings that came to their Dad's 88th Birthday party.

I asked Ms. Martha to take some pictures of me and Patton. He sure is a cuddly little thing!

I had to beg Micah to pose with me.

But Nut posed willingly.

After we enjoyed our company some of us decided to go visit Paw-Paw and celebrate with him. He took all of his presents to him and he was So happy to see us (especially Patton) He opened all kinds of fun things and was even more excited. Happy Happy Birthday Paw-Paw!

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  1. That picture of you & Micah is SO GOOD! Definitely a framer.