Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Past 2 weeks

Our last 2 weeks have been SO busy. From finishing presents for Micah's favorite teachers at school (I think there were 12) to working on our advent calendar, to cooking, cleaning, and partying.... This is the first time I feel like I've sat in weeks.
Although I'd love to say that we've been able to keep up with our advent calendar every day, we haven't. We've done everything but sometimes that means doing 3-4 things a day! Here's Micah's sweet note to the mail lady. She, in return sent him a thank you card. It made his day!

As far as Micah's favorite teachers go we had 4 in specials, 3 administrators, reading teacher, teacher, para-pro, librarian, and SRO. I probably forgot someone, but I tried my best to make most gifts. I didn't take pictures of everything, his teacher and para-pro's glass blocks turned out really nice, but I don't have pics of those. I ended up with so many things, that we began last week, Micah would take 2 a day :) I made the music teacher a tumbler with his name and music notes. He loved it and told me that it was the Best gift he'd ever gotten from a student! WOW! The PE para who we LOVE kissed me on the cheek.... we gave her a tumbler and a picture frame with a pic of her and Micah in it. She loved it too! I sure to LOVE to give! That's my love language for sure!

I wanted to do something sweet for Amber for Christmas and although it didn't turn out half as cute as I hoped.... I gave it anyway. Thank goodness for the photo book that was a hit!

Patton and I were invited to a Christmas party hosted by Kary a couple of weeks ago. We had a great time. Here is a sweet picture of Kary reading to (most) of the kids.

We had Santa pictures taken, and as always, I LOVED the way they turned out!

Because Nut and Jerms are out of the country for Christmas, we celebrated early. We had our first celebration on Sunday. Laura had a craft table set up for the kids! It was a great idea.... the only problem was the hot glue gun was not low temp, and some of the Rosbury children didn't know that and burned themselves :(

Even Riley made an appearance at the party!!

This is the best pic I got of the fam!

Micah got an Erector set and of course, woke up bright and early to begin putting it together.

Patton LOVED his gift too! He plays with it ALL of the time and only puts it down when he's sleeping.

Apparently my theme this year was reindeer. I kept finding really cute reindeer things that I wanted to make. I made reindeer noses, reindeer doughnuts, and reindeer bags. I sent them to Micah's party, they were a hit.

I went back and forth on whether or not to take Patton to the party, but I did..... and he made himself at home ;)
There was a ton of junk and a handful of parents. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Ms. Greene?!

Micah was SO excited to get a candy gram! His friend and neighbor Abigail sent him one. So sweet!

As soon as the party was over, I checked my sweet boy out. I knew that it was going to be the last beautiful warm day for a while. Since he would live outside I knew that he wouldn't be sad if I let him spend ALL afternoon outside. He had a great time and was even happier when his friends came to join him.

I'm still not sure how this LONG break from school will go, but Micah woke up in a really good mood and had a great day on Thursday. Both boys LOVED their new slippers!

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