Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Monday, December 31, 2012

Cookie Time

 For Christmas we made cookies for the the firemen and police men. Micah got all decked out in his chef attire. I let him go through all of our 110 cookie cutter to decide which ones to use. He chose, not one Christmas themed cutter...

Look at those sweet hands decorating the cookies.

Our first stop was our local fire station. Only one fireman was there (just like last year) and his wife and baby were visiting him. Micah was proud and happy to give him a plate of cookies, but really hoped that he'd share with the other men when they returned. 

Here is a comparison picture. Last year (with a self given haircut) and this year. Micah man sure is growing up. Man, I love those sweet cheeks!

As soon as we finished at the fire station we headed to the police station, only to find ourselves locked out. Micah was bummed. We saw a police man clocking people on the side of the road. We offered to stop and give him the cookies, Micah said "No. He'll probably eat them all in his car." He was All about everyone sharing those cookies he worked so hard on. We tried another precinct only to find no one there either..... It was getting to be supper time by now, so we headed to one of our favorite Mexican places. Micah asked if he could give the cookies to the workers there and I said, "Sure, why not?" Stacy thought that was so strange, but we did it anyway. It made their night. You could tell that they were excited. 
We've had the little waitress girl that we had that night on several occasions. She likes Patton. She has a a niece Patton's age, who talks very little. We do not have this problem here. Around here it seems like a battle between Micah and Patton on who talks more. She is just always impressed on his talking. That night she asked him how he was doing and he just said "Uh huh." I said "Patton, answer her, she  asked how you were." To which he replied, "So Sweet." LOL He is a sweet sweet baby boy!

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