Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Our Decembers are always so busy, but this year we've had an unusually busier December. I have something almost every. single. day. We, like last year have been working on our advent calendar. This year we have wrapped our presents, mailed our Christmas cards, decorated cookies, taped quarters to gum ball machines, taped money on a vending machine, wrote a note to a friend.... This year Micah chose his relative from his class. I think it's his second cousin, anyway, he likes her. I have been SO slacking with pics this year, but his card was really sweet. On the day that he was supposed to take A candy cane to school, he insisted on taking the WHOLE box. He made notes for every single one, and delivered them all. He has such a kind heart. On the day that he was supposed to take an apple to his teacher, I figured he'd take one to his para-pro too. I bought a bag. He took 8! Again, complete with notes that said "(teacher's name), You are the BEST! Love, Micah" So far his teachers are all loving him and his sweetness. He was SUPER excited to bump into his principal at Mexican last week. She knows him by name. To me that's impressive, I am sure I was in the 4th or 5th grade before my principal knew who I was! The PE teacher told me "Micah is the principal's friend. And you WANT to be her friend." :) 

When Micah began school I signed a paper that said I would volunteer at least one hour during the school year. I have already met my goal, but decided that I should help with the Christmas shop, since No one else had signed up.... I felt bad. I went on Friday, but thankfully there were 3 other ladies there with me, so it wasn't too bad after all. The shop was PITIFUL. They said it had really been picked over since Monday, but when your 3 choices for your mom under $4 are plastic bracelets, toe rings, or temp. tattoos..... It isn't good. LOL I saw some really sweet kids come through while I was there. One boy came with $34 I could not imagine he would ever spend it all, but he did! Another fun thing was that the music teacher came in with his class and they sang 3 songs and he played his trumpet. The kids LOVED that!

When I finished in the shop, I headed to Micah's class. I bought supplies for reindeer hats. We made them quickly because they had to story time in the library. Of course I had to get a quick pic. They turned out really sweet.

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