Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Saturday, August 2, 2014

A little summer fun

At the very beginning of summer Micah, Patton, and I made "Summer to do lists." Patton's was very simple and he had everything checked off super quick. When you put things like "Go to TJ Maxx", and "play on Mama's phone" you know you'll accomplish everything. I'll have to get some pics of mine and Micah's lists. We failed to accomplish everything, but I told him that even though school is back in, summer isn't officially over until September :) "Play on a slip n slide made Micah's list.

 There was a lot of fruit picked.

 Bugs, insects, frogs….
We had a lot of play dates. One at our house. CRAZY day!
 But we got to enjoy Harrison and Levi! Boy boys were so happy!
We made it to one summer movie and everyone did great. These guys love Despicable Me 2!
 This picture has a story of it's very own. One day we were supposed to have some friends over for a crafty day. I try to never tell Micah plans ahead of time, because he becomes distraught if they get canceled/ changed, or bugs me about how much longer/ what times They knew this particular day that we were going to have friends over. As soon as Micah found out that plans had changed he was so sad. I tried to make it better by asking him if he'd like to go to Hobby Lobby. He did not. I really needed to and normally he Loves Hobby Lobby. I figured once we got there, he'd be ok. Little did I know. His day had officially been ruined. I got what I needed and told him that we were going to go home to stay. He doesn't like to stay home. He loves to go, but I knew that he was exhausted and Needed to be home. It was still early, 9:30 to be exact. He said "Let's go somewhere!" I explained that most stores don't open until 10:00 and that unless we were going to Target, or a grocery store that most stores are closed. He argued and argued. I was tired of arguing. He almost through tears begged to go to Life Way. I said "I' sure they're closed!" I was mad and so ready to be home. I said "Let's make a deal. I'll take you by Life Way, YOU read the hours and if they are closed we will go home and you can play in your room by.yourself (he Never entertains himself) until I tell you to come out, and if they're open, we'll go in!" I was mad. I knew they were not open. just KNEW. I pulled up in front of the store. Smack in the front row so that he could see the hours of the Christian bookstore. Clearly on the door it said 9:00-10:00. I almost cried. It was God. We went in. I bought a Bible (which will be a birthday present) a cd, and some flashlight thingy for Micah. With that one stop, his, and my days both turned around like magic. What a story, what a day.

 Not on the summer to do list, but too cute not to share. Apparently he felt the need to protect himself while he slept.

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