Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Sunday, June 29, 2014


One day Stacy came home from work with a turtle. Micah thought it was the best thing ever. He called her Star and wanted to keep her for a pet. I didn't know much about turtles at all, so I had to do some research. Although I knew she probably wouldn't last very long at our house, and that we'd have to set her free after several days, we tried to make her stay her as enjoyable as possible. We made sure she was nice and clean. She Loved the bath! 
 We let her play in the yard to get some exercise. Micah found her worms and we fed her fruit and veggies too.

 Micah couldn't stand to be without her, and carried her in a box everywhere we went for 3 days.
On her last day with us, we had to run somewhere and I told Micah that I thought it was a good idea to leave her outside in her crate instead of in the garage. He argued with me, but I insisted that she needed some sun. Although I knew that she had been practicing her climbing skills and was close to being able to climb of of the crate, I didn't think that she would. When we came back home, Micah was devastated to see that she was gone! He cried, and cried, and cried. It was SO sad. For a spilt second, I mean as soon as it enter my head, it was gone… I thought maybe the boy needs a pet. He would love a little kitten and Stacy would too. But who would end up taking care of it? Who would train it? Who would watch it while we go on our cruise? Like I said, as soon as it entered my head, it was gone. At least Micah was able to mark one thing off of his "Summer to do list" He wanted to "get a pet."

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