Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Memorial Day

Like normal we attended the Dacula Memorial day parade. Like normal we all went to Sonny's for lunch afterward. Like normal we all went to the Rent's after lunch. Unlike normal the pool was not ready :( There was a leak in it last year and the liner needed to be replaced. Even though Mama and Daddy both let the pool people know that we have our first party of the year on Memorial day, they didn't come to replace the liner until the day after Memorial day. We were all bummed. I pulled out a couple of slip n slides, and we even thought about setting up Party Jumps' water slide, but decided against it when we saw the chance of rain was high.

 Micah and Patton were so excited  that Riley came to the parade.
 Pregnant Nut trying to keep cool. It was HOT!

 "Look Patton here they come!"

 The Rosbury's church was in the parade again
 And we celebrated Jerm's birthday too :)

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