Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Break Day One

I am SO thankful that Micah's school has a fall break. Ever since the summer we had been hoping to go somewhere during October but hadn't booked anything. Stacy called me the week before the break and told me that he had booked us a trip. He got a good deal on a hotel so I was excited. We didn't tell the boys until we had to, and I seriously waited until Friday night to pack our bags (we left Saturday morning) I normally pack several days in advance, so I just hoped that I remembered everything. Both boys were SO excited to be going to the mountains. We left the house Saturday morning and got to Tennessee around lunch time to these beautiful sights.

After stopping for some quick pics we headed to our destination.... Pigeon Forge!

After we ate lunch we went sight seeing. We ended up at one of the coolest stops of our entire trip. Everyone LOVED Wonderworks! It is an interactive museum and has over 120 interactive exhibits including things for little people and big alike. It was SO Stinking fun! There were only 2 things that the boys didn't enjoy. The first was the black light tunnel that you entered at the very beginning of the museum. It almost made MIcah cry. And Patton did cry. The second thing that was a bit scary for them was the hurricane room. It was simply a little room with a very strong fan in it, but neither boy liked it at all. Other than that the museum was a major hit!

 This  was a Titanic exhibit it was Freezing cold water and you were supposed to see how long you could keep your hand in it. Stacy ended up lasting almost 1 minute and a half.... I lasted closer to 45 seconds. It was SO cold. 
 My most Favorite thing of the whole museum was the 360 degree bikes. If you peddled  the bike would flip you around in circles. I may have screamed out loud a few times. It was SO fun!!
 Micah LOVED the astronaut area. They had several different flight simulators, space suits, space shuttles, and a HUGE indoor ropes course. Micah has found a new love of astronauts recently, and he really enjoyed all of this.
 A Real bed of nails.... I had holes in my legs for a while after trying this!
 The bubble area was SO cool! We stayed in there for close to 30 minutes!
 Oh yeah, Patton was there too ;) He enjoyed everything, but the bubbles and the computer were probably his most favorites. 
We all enjoyed spending the afternoon at Wonderworks and I'm sure that this is somewhere we would all Love to go back to again sometime. So fun!

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