Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Race

Instead of selling wrapping paper, cookies, candy, and popcorn, Micah's school hosts a fun run and 5k. I was so excited that Daphne wanted to run again this year. Last year Nut was busy and couldn't run, but this year she did and so did Amber. Sarah signed up but went camping at the last minute instead, and Stacy had to work late. We had 2 extra numbers so Terren and Ethan ran the fun run :) I am by far a distance runner. I'm a sprinter and have never learned to pace myself for long distances. Although I could run hour an hour + easily on an elliptical, I have a hard time outside on pavement. Terren ended up finishing in the top 5 or so for the mile run, and Micah wasn't far behind. I did good to finish the race with my new found teacher friend Ms. Wheeler. 

After we finished the mile run Terren wanted to run the 5k. I told her that I thought she should. Although the reason that we came was for the races, there was also a festival going on. I told Micah that we could go do games during the 5k. He wanted to do the Cake walk, it's his favorite. He played several times, went to the lollipop tree, and went fishing for candy, then we headed back in time to see people begin to finish the race. While we waited for our people I took a sweet pic of all of the cousins minus Terren who ran the 5k.

I totally missed Nut crossing the finish line, so there was no picture. She said that she wasn't going to try for a good time, but she did.....

I did get a picture of Amber, Daphne and Terren finishing with a GREAT time considering a 7 year old kept pace! 

Terren ended up winning an award for fastest time for a girl under 10! I'm pretty sure both Nut and Daphne won medals too, but honestly I don't remember. I was tired, hungry, and wanted to lay down on my bed, so we left before all of the awards were given. But what a FUNF FUN night!

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