Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Trip Day #2

We woke up bright and early Sunday morning and headed out for breakfast. We went to a Pancake House and we all filled up on pancakes before heading to Dollywood! We got there right as they opened. The weather was Perfect, the lines were short, and it wasn't crowded at all. 

Both of the boys LOVE mills and HAD to have a picture taken with this one!

Patton was so excited to ride all of the little rides. He rode the duck, pigs, elephants, cars..... Micah's favorite were the swings. He rode over and over and over.... due to the fact that there were no lines.

 When we saw that the train ride was at 11:00 we KNEW we'd be there. I STILL hear about the train ride nearly every day. They told stories and played Johnny Cash's 'Casey Jones.' This is now a new favorite of the boys and we listen to it several times a day too! LOL
 After the train ride I made a deal with Micah, For every roller coaster that he'd ride I'd take him to the candy store and let him choose one candy of his choice. He could have had a ton, I got lucky. I saw a wooden roller coaster that I thought might be like the mine train at Six Flags..... Good for a first timer. I talked Micah into it. I wasn't sure if I could still ride roller coasters. Having babies changes a lot, but I was so happy to give it a shot. I loved it! MIcah, not so much. Here's the before and after pics :o

Here he is with it in the background..... He only rode that one and he was done. lol

 We stayed all day at Dollywood and left in time to go to the one and only Apple Barn for Supper. Yum Yum! Stacy had never been so I was super glad that it was still as good as it was years ago!

 After dinner we headed to Gatlingburg to look around. We found a candy store and Micah looked, looked, and looked for The. Perfect. Treat for his roller coaster treat.

Super proud of his choice!

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