Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Thanksgiving times 3

Our very first Thanksgiving celebration of the year was at Micah's school. His class normally eats at 12:21. Patton and I showed up just a few minutes early and could hardly even find a parking place. We finally made it into the school to find out that the lunchroom was running really behind.... I guess there were more people there than they had planned for? We stood in line in the atrium and waited, waited,  and waited.  We finally made it into the lunchroom and were able to get some food at 1:45. Micah got his tray and the very first thing that he said was "I thought this was a turkey lunch. Where is the turkey!?" I don't eat school lunches, but it was very interesting to see, I wish I had taken a picture of the food. The turkey, come to find out was actually cooked into the dressing. Very interesting, but Micah ate it anyway. Patton and I were kept entertained by Micah and Josue. 
My gift to the teachers this year :)

Patton's Thanksgiving at his school was more up my alley. The kids all wore their darling hand print Turkey shirts and they had a TON of food that wouldn't scare you. I even had some of the mashed potatoes.....  Some of the best I've ever had (maybe because I haven't eaten mashed potatoes in like 6 months, or maybe it was because Ms. Kathy cooks a lot like Paula Dean.... Lots of Butter) Either way, the feast was sweet and fun and there were No long lines at all ;)

Thanksgiving day we headed to the country. It was a cold cold day and I do not like the cold. We had a fun time, visited, ate, and laughed (especially about Laura's butternut squash casserole) We didn't even have a family picture taken. This was as close as it got, complete with turkey mouth and all!
 And the bearded Daddy :)

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