Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Taekwondo Tournament

Our Taekwondo Studio offered the second tournament since Micah has been taking classes, since Party Jumps had the morning off I signed Micah up. I KNEW he would Love it. Every participant could choose their 3 favorite moves and could choose and way to break two boards. 
 Here is Micah getting ready to do his moves. 
 He was a sparring machine :)
 I was SO proud of Micah when he decided to take a chance at trying to break his board with his head. This is a move that we haven't even come close to learning. Most kids used side kicks or hammer fists. Everyone "Oooohed and Ahhhed" after Micah's incredible head break. (The boy has his Daddy's head) I loved that move!
 Everyone who participated received a medal, here is Micah getting his first. After that, only 3 other medals were given. They were judged according to how well they did their moves and 1. If they broke their boards on the first try. 2. Creativity. And 3. Difficulty 
 Micah got the BRONZE! I was So sad. I knew that even though it may have been hard to beat the kid who won the gold medal (he punched through both pieces of wood and broke them both at once) But the silver?! All he did was kick through one, and hammer fist the other :( Micah was proud that he won the medal, but even he knew that he should have won the Silver. We tried not to let him see how disappointed we were and celebrated his Bronze. Here is the proud medal winner.

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