Fun with the Robinson Family

Fun with the Robinson Family

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pi Day

We were so thankful that Pi day fell during Intersession so that we could have time to prepare. We planned all kinds of fun games, pizza pie, chicken pot pie, and prizes. We all gathered at Laura's for the celebration of not only Pi, but also PIE! Lots and Lots of PIE!

Laura was SO organized. Complete with a score sheet!

After the indoor game of counting as many circles as you could in 3 minutes,  we began Pin the cherry on the pie. Micah did awesome at this!

Then we played Toss the cherry in the pie. 

After that it was over under with a Jello Pie. That was fun!

We had a Pie walk. All winners received an oatmeal cream pie. 

We took a break and ate before beginning the second half of the competition. We had Pie throwing

Blindfolded Pie feeding. 

Pie eating which got very funny!

Then it was time for the winners to be announced.  Micah won for the little people. 

Aiden for the medium. She also won the Grand prize of the jeweled Pie Server!

I won for the next group. And Mama won the oldest group. 

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